July VU Model Winner – @lntoxication

July 2018 Winner

First Winner Announced, Congratulations to @lntoxication!

Our team was BLOWN AWAY by all the submissions for our first VU Model. All the avatars submitted were unique, gorgeous, and striking in their own way – a true testament to our community for their ability to create on IMVU.

The FIRST VU Model is… @lntoxication! He has a smoldering look that our team could not look away from. Coupled with distinctive beauty marks (a la Cindy Crawford), a chiseled jawline, and strong brows, lntoxication had an indiscernible face to be our first Face of IMVU.

We keep saying “first” because after much deliberation, we’ve decided to continue on with this program as we continue the search for VU Models! As there were so many entries at such a high quality, more models will be chosen from the EXISTING ENTRANTS, and some new opportunities to enter will arise in the future. These models will join the VU Model Agency, and will get to be featured on the VU Model page on the IMVU Insider and will also become part of our stable of avatars used on banners and promotional materials.

We’ll also be featuring these models as they’re chosen, so this may include social media and IMVU shout outs!

This means if you already entered…you are still entered! Your outfit will need to still be visible to be chosen for features and prizes so keep on sharing those looks!