EZ3D – ArtCenter Team 4

This is part 4 of a 5-part blog post in which we spotlight 5 teams from an IMVU-sponsored project at ArtCenter College of Design. As summarized in this post, the question was posed to a group of cross-disciplinary art students, what would foster friendship and connection on the IMVU platform. Students were encouraged to explore the platform, learn to create rooms and content, and explore what type of “recipe” could be created that would influence connection between users and ultimately friendship.

EZ3D (Accessible Authorship) team is: Flora, Siladityaa, and Abigail

The team believes that IMVU conversations start from the scene, the objects around you, or what you are wearing. EZ 3D Room is a tutorial space that teaches you how to create realistic 3D rooms, fashion accessories, and furniture objects to start the conversation. The team has developed a way to use 3rd party software and IMVU to create more realistic and high-quality products and spaces that they feel will stimulate more like-minded connection and conversation.


We want to make authorship as accessible as possible while keeping the fidelity of the output high. 

Through the use of Photogrammetry, and available software; then imported into IMVU, higher-quality, more photo-realistic products can be created that create a more immersive experience and connection between users. The room, itself, teaches how to use this technology.

We are offering up a new aesthetic, a type of education that can be experienced through a room and facilitate progress and inclusion. Beauty in the “imperfection” is our room’s ethos. The future generation of IMVU users, Gen Z are all about self expression. The thing about self expression is that it’s not ‘one-size-fits-all.’ Having a distinct and different voice is rewarded and celebrated.Looking a certain way that doesn’t necessarily align with what we see in advertisements or pop culture is ok! It’s better than ok, it’s fantastic.

The room we’ve created is both conversational and instructional.

Proposal: To facilitate conversation by enabling users to make attractive rooms, furniture, clothing, etc. in order to have a more realistic appeal without the need for any 3D modeling expertise. We want to make authorship as accessible as possible while keeping the fidelity of the output high as well.


Visit The EZ3D Room here »


Using 3D captured product photography, the photogrammetry software creates a realistic 3D product


Shoes created and used in IMVU

User-testing of the room showed that users were excited to follow a visual training for how to create 3D products


The EZ3D Team in front of their presentation

Part of EZ3D’s presentation included a physical mock-up of the IMVU “Education” Room they created as well as a poster that highlights how their proposed construction process works