IMVU’s CEO Accepts The Ice Bucket Challenge

IMVU’s CEO – Brett Durrett – joined the Ice Bucket Challenge (#IceBucketChallenge) phenomenon ( that has gone viral – and making a big splash in raising awareness about ALS Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

Today, right in front of our offices here in Mountain View, CA, Brett got a bucket with 42 lbs worth of ice (plus water) dumped on him. Brett not only accepted the challenge but also donated to this very worthy cause. He has now challenged Eric Ries, Shawn Carolan and Tom Ball to do the same within the next 24 hours.

A picture (or in this case a video) is worth a 1000 words so here you go:

Take on the challenge, raise awareness and donate at:

UPDATE: By popular demand from our community members who wanted the same IMVU shirt that Brett was sporting in this video, we have now made virtual versions available! All proceeds from their sales will go to ALS organization. Get more details here.





Mobile Payments from Over 80 Countries

Our customers love IMVU because they get to meet people from around the world and make connections. The “from around the world” is literally 100s of countries and our global community continues to grow every day. We look for ways to support our international customers including offering them multiple ways to purchase Credits and other services from us to they can enjoy their IMVU experience fully. The ever-popular mobile phones offer an easy way for customers to make payments while on the go and from anywhere in the world as long as they have a phone.

We have been offering SMS and home phone payments to our customers for many years and. keep working with our partners to expand our reach. In February alone, we added 10 new countries to our list including Kuwait, Dominican Republic, Chile, Kosovo, Costa Rica and Morocco.

Want to know which countries are supported for phone payments? Just visit the phone purchase page and check out the complete list of countries as well as the Credit packages available for each country.

Community Spotlight – The January Edition


By Varsha, Community Manager @ IMVU

I have been witness to IMVU’s progress as its community manager for the last four years. One question that I am often asked is who are the people behind the variety of avatars? Does the creative, avatar-based dress up and social chat experience that we offer appeal to only certain types of people? Is there a label I can put on those who make IMVU a vital part of their lives?

I directly talk to a lot of our customers or read their posts in our community forums. It is always an exciting, enjoyable, and educating experience.. Behind every avatar is a unique person representing a broad spectrum of cultures, faiths, values, languages, interests, hobbies, education levels, careers, ages, lifestyles, socio-economic backgrounds, and family lives. Every single IMVU user is unique and yet they all share one thing in their lives – IMVU.

We have amongst us – artists, musicians, dancers, writers, actors, role-players, romantics, adventurers, gamers, shoppers, entrepreneurs, interior decorators, and party animals. Some are introverts and escape to a quiet chat room in IMVU while others seek to make new friends from all over the world on a daily basis. Some are almost 24/7 on IMVU while others use it as brief and much needed respite from their daily routines. Some are here to put together the most amazing avatars and chat rooms while others are here to sell their own creations as a source of income. Some spend time with their real-life families inside IMVU and maintain the connections when they are physically separated while others form virtual families in IMVU with people they will never meet in real life. Some enjoy IMVU as a casual game while others form deep and meaningful friendships and romantic relationships which can extend into real life.

I am thankful to be a part of an experience that offers fun, comfort, a creative outlet and friendships to such a wide audience!

So my original question was who is behind an IMVU avatar? And, I have the answer – EVERYONE!


2013 by the Numbers: IMVU’s Year in Review

Over 3.8 billion chat room visits, more than 450 million friendships, a little over 145 million outfits, 5.4 million plus product creations, and in excess of 165 million product purchases! Yes, this is IMVU by the numbers..

During 2013 alone our community had a very impressive combined total of:

  • 3,885,465,147 chat room visits
  • 452,783,931 friendships
  • 405,938,368 badge grants
  • 271, 321,328 saved photos
  • 163,435,602 virtual product purchases
  • 145,734,844 outfit creations
  • 30,045,348 gifts
  • 5,420,024 catalog product additions

2013 for us and our customers was filled with new features, improved experiences, added platforms, awesome parties, fast friendships, romantic weddings, artistic creations, glamorous outfits, engaging chat conversations, and of course fun!

IMVU team was busy throughout 2013 launching brand-new ways for our customers to engage with our service and improving their experience. We launched our IMVU2Go app – already popular on iOS devices – for increasingly popular Android devices. We offered Daily Login Rewards to users new to IMVU so they can get to know IMVU a bit better. In response to all the stories we heard and continue to hear about people finding meaningful connections on IMVU, we launched the Marriage Package. Tens of thousands of couples have expressed their true love and commitment to each other by getting married on IMVU and celebrated their union with their friends and families. Many of our customers wanted to share the experience of decorating and managing their chat rooms – as roommates, best friends or partners. We responded recently with our new Shared Room package which allows them to do just that. Now, we sit back and enjoy all the friendships that are getting stronger thanks to this feature.

For our long-standing customers, we made sure their IMVU experience was enhanced with performance improvements to private chats, a conversation style messaging system to keep the dialog going, and new look-and-feel for public chat rooms complete with a newly themed section to showcase the best and diverse rooms for the general community. Many more projects are in the works to allow our community members to enjoy what they love – shopping with friends, collecting and displaying badges and chatting.

Of course, like every other service that caters to such a vast and global audience using an enormous infrastructure, we had a few bumps along the way. Our biggest challenge lasted a few weeks during May and June with a series of malicious attacks on our Internet services which in turn caused service outages. Our team worked day and night to not only restore our service for our customers but also put in measures to prevent such situations from affecting them again. In November, we had a major database failure – entirely due to technical reasons and not due to any external factors – which caused about 10% of our customers to lose access to all the information in their accounts. Again, our team rallied to work 24/7 to restore full service for those affected users.

We are grateful to our community members who supported us through the outages and participated in many in-world events with our team members. We had a blast hosting day long parties to celebrate Mardi Gras,  LGBT Pride Month, Halloween, Small Business Saturday, and Ugly Sweater Themed Winter Holiday. MIngling and chatting with our customers is an inspiration for us and plans are underway for more such events in the new year.

2014 is off to a great start and we are working on ways to make IMVU the ultimate place where people can hang out with their current friends and make new ones. Making this fantastic experience available to everyone – no matter where they are or what device or platform they are on – is our goal and we are marching toward it full speed.

We are thankful for our millions of new and future customers and are looking forward to being a special part of their lives not just in 2014 but for many more years to come.

We also want to congratulate our top-ranking customers who showed us how much they truly love IMVU! These most-engaged customers from 2013 chatted the most, were the friendliest, were most generous or most productive!

We salute:

  • “Shopping Queen” BellezzaRaven – Purchased over 25,000 products from our Shop
  • “Shutterbug” Honeybearblueeyes – Captured over 20,000 photos
  • “Chatterbox” EmpsBaikenSeshinoAoi – Had over 17,000 chats
  • “Best Friend” Llion54 – Made more than 60,000 friends
  • “Creating Machine” Nevoir – Submitted over 10,000 products
  • “Bestseller” Whims – Had over a million catalog sales

Happy 2014….

Community Spotlight – The December Edition

IMVU ended year 2013 with a blast – with brand-new features, parties with its community members, and a gift-laden countdown to the New Year! December is the month to celebrate the holidays, spend time with family and friends, enjoy winter activities – or escape from the chilly weather in cozy settings, and of course have a gala party on NYE to ring in the next year in style. IMVU users did it all…. and we loved joining in the celebrations.

December 18th was our very own Ugly Sweater Party where community members dressed up their avatars in virtual versions of crazy, silly, outlandish holiday outfits and joined the party taking place in various chat rooms – decorated to the hilt for the season. There was nothing “ugly” about the fun had by all.

Ugly sweater partyThe IMVU team was determined to make chatting and connecting with friends even better for our customers and just in time for the holiday break when everyone is spending lots of time on IMVU with their friends. We launched a completely revamped look for our very popular chat room experience – complete with a new feature called Themes to showcase the variety and creativity of of our community members as they set up and decorate their rooms.

Themed rooms

Shared Rooms was another feature that we launched in December – in response to a popular request by our customers. The new feature allows friends, business partners to set up, decorate and manage chat rooms together using scenes and furniture from both their collections. Hundreds of rooms have already been purchased and shared by our users to make their friendships and connections even deeper.

Shared Room

To say goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014, we had a “10-day Countdown to 2014” event where our customers could log in every day and get a free gift. All the collected gifts were perfect to decorate the ultimate winter scene we gifted on January 1st. We are now gearing up for another joyous year for IMVU and its community!

Countdown gift

Have a wonderful year filled with fun, friends, and family!

Community Spotlight – The November Edition

November is a month of giving thanks and we do – to our community! We celebrated it in our usual creative style with contests, special seasonal bundle promotions and of course a monumental Black Friday sale!

For our Holiday Gathering photo contest to celebrate Thanksgiving, we invited our users go gather with their friends and family in a fall-themed setting, enjoy a feast and share the photos captured during the event to their photo stream. Our members came together for the festivities with a gusto and we were the real “winners” of the contest as we got to enjoy the moments they captured and shared with us.

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The best part of November was IMVU’s very first Small Business Saturday event that took place on November 30th.  Just as people around the country rallied to shop at their local businesses, our community members shopped for items to dress up their avatars and decorate their chat rooms in the catalogs of our own local content Creators. Hundreds of our Creators set up special boutiques and showrooms to mark the occasion and our members loved visiting these exclusive shops and meeting the designers!

We are thankful for our loyal and engaged customers and are looking forward to spending the holiday season with them in the coming weeks!

Happy holidays everyone!




Community Spotlight – The October Edition

There is only one word to describe how we spent the entire month of October – Spooktacularly!

Once the back to school rush is over and the beautiful fall season arrives, IMVU gets ready to celebrate Halloween in a big way. Products to create the scariest and silliest costumes as well as decorate the spookiest haunted houses fill up our Shop. The chat rooms get decorated for the holiday and filled ghosts, goblins, witches and wizards.

We of course planned many events to celebrate this special holiday with our community throughout the month of October. We welcomed our members to their account and 3D Chat home pages with images of pumpkins, fall leaves, witches and masquerade ball. There were many contests held so customers could showcase their creativity via videos, photos and product creation.

One of the first contests we held was our Spooktacular Video Contest. We invited our community members to make a short video in our 3D Chat client, to tell a compelling  Halloween-themed story. The winning entry – Haunted Dreamby Pharmacist – perfectly showed off her own unique Dark Destinations bundle.

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Customers were also invited to dress up for a Masquerade Ball, host a gala and share photos from such parties for our Masquerade Ball themed photo contest. The winning entries were proudly displayed in the Photo Stream for all to enjoy.

Our content creators were challenged with creating Monster Bash themed costumes and rooms to host Halloween parties in. The winning entry – Zombie Assault by MrAnimate – was gifted to the entire community for them to enjoy! The winning costumes were monstrously scary as well!

And last but certainly not the least, we invited all of our community members to join IMVU staff and moderators in a 24-hour long Trick-or-Treat event on October 31st in ten different rooms decorated exclusively for the event by all our forum moderators. Thank you to everyone who participated and stopped by in the midst of their own celebrations with friends and family.

Thank you to everyone for joining us in our spookathon!

Creator Showcase – The October Edition

IMVU’s Creator Showcase is a monthly series that highlights Creators for their content creating achievements. Our Creators populate the shop with products expressing their talents, skills and artistic vision while all IMVU users enrich their experience with these millions of products to dress up their 3D avatars and decorate their chat rooms

In celebration of the Halloween season, we are highlighting a highly skilled IMVU Creator offering a wide variety of unique items: KidCarnival! An IMVU community member since 2008, KidCarnival became a creator after realizing the IMVU catalog wasn’t offering items he wanted to buy. So, like many creators, he “started creating what [he] could not find.” He has carved out his niche on IMVU by specializing in dark atmospheres, with “a preference for abandoned places and swamps” which are perfect for the spooky season!










KidCarnival’s catalog offers products in nearly all categories such as rooms, furniture, and clothing and accessories for males and females. As he likes to say - ”It’s more about the big picture for me; the combination of many products.”

Working with such creators as TheMouseMaiden and Zarakaine, KidCarnival has created many series of products. In one of his newest, the creepy 408 Sprague Ave., KidCarnival has combined his derivations from these creators into a wonderfully eerie bundle.

Happy Halloween!

Community Spotlight – The September Edition

September kicked off for the IMVU community with end of summer parties and back to school activities. Some of our younger community members got ready to start a new school year while the parents on IMVU rushed around trying to finish last minute shopping for clothes, school supplies and dorm gear for their kids.

IMVU hosted its own  Back to School celebration on Facebook. Everyone was invited to share their unique ideas and tips for decorating their dorm room or the room left behind at home by a departing student. Our Facebook fans posted plenty of practical as well as hilarious tips and everyone got a free pair of Hipster Glasses in return for their participation. Many IMVUers are proudly rocking these cool 3D glasses on their avatars.


By the way, did you know we are now on Instagram? Follow us there and Instagram your IMVU avatar with the hashtag #imvu!

As folks settled into their back to school routines and got ready to welcome Fall, we held another contest for the skilled Content Creators within our community. They were challenged to take us to a world of magic and imagination and create products to suit the theme of 1001 Arabian Nights. This enchanting contest brought out the whimsy and imagination of many and the results were truly magical takes on the alluring tales of 1001 Arabian Nights. There were Magical Lamps, Magical Carpets and of course Arabian Night themed rooms. We are enjoying taking a leisurely elephant ride along the desert and soaring high on the flying rug – both created by contest winner Sybil9.

October is already here and Halloween is around the corner! We have loads of activities and contests planned for rest of the month and our US-based customers are busy filming for our Spooktacular Video Contest! We can’t wait to celebrate Halloween with everyone.

Happy Fall!

Creator Showcase – The August Edition

IMVU’s Creator Showcase is a monthly series that highlights Creators for their content creating achievements. Our Creators populate the shop with products expressing their talents, skills and artistic vision while all IMVU users enrich their experience with these millions of products to dress up their 3D avatars and decorate their chat rooms.

August 2013’s Creator Showcase features Uke – a content creator who makes beautiful anime-themed products! Uke has been a member on IMVU for over 5 years, and has developed an extensive catalog that includes male and female clothing for IMVU’s anime and kawaii sub-communities.

This is what he has to say about finding inspiration - “I’ve always had an interest in making and drawing clothes, accessories, and other stuff…I usually get my inspiration from drawing, manga, anime, and games. But it also happens that an idea just randomly pops into my head.”

If you are looking for male “Bishounen” looks, go no further! Uke creates beautiful skins, hair, clothing, and an assortment of excellent heads. Uke’s products can be mixed and matched in perfect harmony, so it’s really a one-stop-shop for cute anime styles! You’ll want to stay up to date on Uke’s newest additions as his main goal is to reach 1000+ products in his catalog!

Enjoy shopping for Uke’s products in IMVU’s shop!