Throughout March, shop the Love for Ukraine Collection. All proceeds will be donated to CARE’s Ukraine Crisis Fund. Share a selfie in solidarity and spread the word. 

For more information on CARE and their humanitarian work, read on.

CARE works in over 100 countries, reaching more than 90 million people through 1,300 projects. Whether it is a sudden emergency or an ongoing crisis, CARE works to aid people in need around the world. 

CARE has launched a humanitarian appeal to support the most vulnerable Ukrainians, particularly women-headed households and the elderly.

CARE’s responses will be regional and leverage partnerships in affected countries to deliver emergency assistance. Their priority is to meet the immediate needs of affected families through the distribution of critical food and water supplies, as well as hygiene kits, cash assistance and psychosocial support.

CARE has worked in Europe since the aftermath of World War II, when they delivered assistance in the form of CARE Packages to countries ravaged by conflict. They have active programs in multiple countries in Eastern Europe.

Read more about CARE’s work and Ukraine Crisis Fund here.

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