So you want to be featured on IMVU?

We get it. You want to be seen and discovered by being featured on IMVU. You want that, “Wait, that’s ME!” sensation and all the excitement that goes with it.  You want to be acknowledged for the years you’ve been on IMVU and all the work you’ve put in your avatar, your look, and your photo.

You’ve posted on Instagram a thousand times tagging IMVU, and you haven’t been featured.
You sent us direct messages on Twitter asking to be featured and still, crickets.
You befriended IMVU staff accounts asking to be recognized, and nothing.
You’ve participated in #TopEditTuesday, the Weekend Outfit Challenge, even the new #VUMore_DanceOff, and followed us on Twitch.
Some of you have friends that have been featured and some of you have tried to figure out who is behind every image that is featured on IMVU Discover.

We hear you, and most importantly, we see you.

We’ve heard a lot of your stories about how certain images get featured.  Just to get a few things clear:

  • There are no secrets.
  • There is no conspiracy.
  • We don’t favor users, nor do we shun anyone who has stepped forward with feedback.
  • No one is deliberately left out.
  • Yes, there are rules.
  • Yes, there is a “Seal Team Six” looking in every corner of IMVU to find the best photos.
  • Yes, there is a plan.
  • Most importantly, YES YOU CAN BE FEATURED TOO.

And now to answer the million dollar question:

How do I get featured on IMVU?

IMVU is a social network. Our job is to introduce you to new friends, the best chatrooms, amazing Creators, fun events, Credit-winning contests, and clothing, accessories, and outfits that will make your IMVU experience better.  Behind every image is that intention – to encourage you to discover someone, someplace, or something new, to inspire you to go deeper than your typical circle of friends, and to elevate your everyday IMVU session.

Though you may have seen users that have been repeatedly featured, rest assured that we are working with a seal team six of experts that are looking for the best avatars, the best creativity, the most engaging content, and the images that make you stop and think, “how’d they do that?!”

Here are some of the things we are looking for in featured posts:

Avatars: Highly stylized individual avatar selfies that feature the newest, most modern products in the IMVU catalog.

Style Squad

Meet Zoey

Showstopper by MsShynessOne

Captions: Sure, a photo is worth a thousand words, but we want to know more about the moment you are sharing.  Who’s in the photo with you?  Which room are you in?  What are you feeling?  What’s the vibe of the photo?  You can add captions to your photos from the mobile app and on IMVU Next.  If you take a picture from the desktop app, all you have to do is edit the photo to add the caption on the IMVU Mobile app or on IMVU Next.

Nyctophilia offering words of wisdom 🌿 – From IMVU Next


All the Feels by Leonardo ❤️ – From IMVU Mobile


Friends and Couples: We love to feature your photos when we can see the fun you are having in IMVU chatrooms.  What are you doing?  Who are you with?  What are you talking about? Where’s the FUN?


Horsin Around by FallenStarChild

#MyIMVUBFF – SallyAddict and Veza

Art: We see it everyday.  There are so many photos that make us look twice, to question how you did it on IMVU.  You amaze us everyday with the creativity you bring – the more captivating, eye-catching, awesome, shocking (in a positive way), the better. See rules for the limits to this creativity.

#IMVUWOC_Cosmic Inspo by Midnight

Twirl Around This by Shiroi001

Behind the Mask by Pastel


Chatrooms: Are you hanging out in a cool spot – in a room that either brings the party, the vacation, the fantasy, or the adventure? We want to see it.  We want to tell others where the fun is, and we want to give you the credit for finding it.  

Join the Party!

Zoey and Prim Chillaxin’

Living in a (Day) Dream


If you want more tips and tricks to create the perfect shot, click here to see what experts like CandyApple have to say.

And here are the rules, because #themoreyouknow. We do not feature:

  • Images with NO BACKGROUND. 
  • Images with logos or copyright patterns.
  • Images with AP content and images unfit for IMVU.
  • Edited images, except on Top Edit Tuesday.  To know the difference, please check out our blog post on Top Edit Tuesday.
  • Images with captions that include curse words, spam, or inappropriate language.
  • Advertisements.
  • Blood. Weapons. Violence. Hate speech.  Hate symbols.  Offensive religious or cultural symbols.

Something to Remember: Being selected to be featured on Discover triggers a review of your account to ensure that you are not violating our Terms of Service. The only reason that your photo would be removed from Discover is if your account showed evidence of one of these violations.

If you want to be featured on IMVU, show us what you got.  We and our millions of friends are ready to see the best you can do.



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