Beginning with Release 427, IMVU has introduced a new free service:  Voice Chat.  Invite some friends in, kick back, and actually speak with your friends from all over the world!  Enjoy!  Use your real voice or mix it up with a series of fun and frivolous voice effects!

For now, Voice Chat is only available in private chats.

Voice Chat is turned ‘OFF’ by default, so you’ll need to go into your Settings mode to enable it (see below).  You will find this in the Voice Chat section.  Once you enable it, it will be on for each chat and each time you login to 3D chat.


Turn Voice Chat on before you start a private chat.  Then, invite friends to chat from “My Room” mode — and let the fun begin! 

While in Voice mode, you can purchase some voice effects and have fun disguising your voice as you talk to your friends.  Your friends will hear your own voice unless you use a voice effect.

We’re excited about this new capability.  However, a change of this magnitude may have a few bumps and glitches. We’ve worked hard to iron out all the many possible wrinkles, but we’re keen to get this into your hands to get your feedback as quickly as possible.  We’ve got a broad range of enhancements under consideration – including making this available in Public Rooms – and we want to hear from you on what you’d like.

The high quality, clear sound is possible in part through the support of advertising.  Some short announcements will precede your voice chats (unless you own your avatar name or are a VIP). Please say, “Tell me more” when you hear an ad.

As always, IMVU remains committed to ensuring a safe and non-threatening environment. Abuse via Voice Chat will result in the same punishment as any other Terms of Service violation, up to, and including, the termination of your account. So, keep it clean, and be nice to your fellow avatars!

Download Release 427 now to start using this feature!

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390 thoughts on “Voice Chat Now Available in 3D Chat

  1. I am using IMVU from United Arab Emirates. I enabled the voice chat option, but it never worked from here. I tried from several computers. But the same problem.
    Second thing, IMVU should not enable voice chat in the public rooms because a lot of people make the room noisy and some poeople will spoil the room environment with bulshits.

  2. I’v been looking through a ton of pages on this, but there really arent any clear instructions. in settings it mentions a button, but not wich one. the usual one for other chat programs isnt working either. o.e

  3. I really like the voice chat. If your spouse is overseas or sumthing and cant call you, than this is wonderful. All I can say is Keep the voice chat and use it if you want to!! If you dont like it, turn it off!!!!!

  4. I think think that this voice chat is great..only two recomondations. 1. that any confliction when others are over riding or stepping on. and
    2. if poss a voice ativated mode so don’t have to constently push a button.
    but i must say i love this feature. thank you.

  5. I can’t wait for Voice Chat to be available in Public Rooms! It would make meeting new people way more interesting. I have figured out how to get Voice Chat to work, if you have detailed questions you can send me a private message (Most likely I’ll have an answer) to my IMVU Homepage @ BoringCookie

  6. All I’m seeing in the new prereleases is references to fixing the voice chat. We have so many bugs in the new client that it isn’t even close to fun.
    Please fix the problems instead of adding yet more trouble to the whole thing.
    I want the avatars to load in the correct positions when entering a public room. This has been broken since I think 424, It’s been posted about by numerous people, yet we don’t even get an acknowledgment of the problem.
    Many other problems out there, numerous bugs within the client across all versions such as buddy list not updating, public rooms list doesn’t work right, shows people when there are none, shows none when in fact they are there. Crashing, it’s so common we are all use to it, but it sure would be nice if it didn’t occur daily. These things are important, much more so than voice chat that is readily available for free online for anyone who wants to actually use it.
    I think you should concentrate on getting the things needing fixed fixed instead of adding yet more useless junk.
    And again, please don’t add the voice chat to public rooms. Don’t forget, YOU allow children to play here.

  7. Does Imvu plan on fixing the bug where anyone after the 1st two ppl in a private chat, can’t see the furniture in the room? Not going to be much fun if from the 3rd avi up can’t participate in the room.

  8. I can’t wait for Voice Chat to be available in Public Rooms! It would make meeting new people way more interesting. I have figured out how to get Voice Chat to work, if you have detailed questions you can send me a private message

  9. Sounds nice, but what happen if you play a mix or have the radio on?? Or if there are many people in the room with voice and music?? Isn’t that give a conflict??

  10. This sounds like it realy could work….And i think it is a better way of connecting and the person who you are talking to can actually here your voice!

  11. …Never in public rooms. This could be a disaster. Also I personally would like you to clean up other shoddy aspects, but beggars can’t be choosers.

  12. I think this is great and have used it several times with people. I think it is teriffic to hear people from Indonesia and Austrailia as well as all over the world! Absolutely the best feautre I have saw yet on here!

  13. well thank you. it’s so much fun being able to use my own voice, cuz sometimes i don’t spell things right :P . but yet it is still awsome, My randomness has gone up by like 10 point :D

  14. Hi i need sum help here..i have looked to the forums and cannot seem to get ANYONE to help me here..the new version download FROM our homepage DOES not work..I am locked out i have emptied All imvu related files from my pc as it says to before i reinstall it jus crashes..and now i cant FIND one good older version..can sumone please help me here? I am a loyal imvu client and would appreciate a response please..ty

  15. Whenever I try to enter the settings for the voice chat. (I click the button of a microphone with the sign that says “NEW” above it from my menu.) It doesn’t load. I get the loading sign. The little gray lines that form a circle and flash around it. But it doesn’t load anything else. I’ve tried to wait for awhile. But nothing.

  16. Does it only work with a headset? I have headphones and a build-in microphone with my built-in webcam, but it doesn’t seem to be registering that I have the microphone at all. Would an external microphone paired with headphones work just as well as a headset, or might there be recognition errors there as well? I can’t access the Help page, it keeps saying that it doesn’t exist and keeps redirecting me to a Google search instead. Are there any answers anywhere?

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