The Real-time Web in REST Services at IMVU

Jon Watte, IMVU’s VP of Technology has written a detailed post for our engineering blog about tackling a challenge that IMVU’s team faces while handling real-time interactions of our online customers with each other and our service.

IMVU has built a rich, graph-shaped REST (REpresentative State Transfer) API (Application Programming Interface) to our data. This data includes a full social network, as well as e-commerce, virtual currencies, and the biggest 3D user generated content catalog in the world. Jon’s post discusses how IMVU addresses two of the bigger draw-backs of REST-based service architectures for real-time interactive content: Cache Invalidation (where users want to know about new data as soon as it becomes available,) and Request Chattiness (where request latency kills your performance.)

Read the complete post on our engineering blog!
















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