The New Peer Review Process

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve just overhauled the Peer Review process. In response to your persistent and valid concerns, we’ve introduced many changes which should help get new products into the Virtual Goods Catalog faster and with enhanced rating accuracy.

Who Can Participate in Peer Review?
First, we have broadened the eligibility of who can review products.

  • Now, any user who is 18 and over, has been on IMVU for at least 30 days, and uses 3D Chat may participate in Peer Review. (Existing Creators who are 18 and over and have not yet been on IMVU for 30 days will still be able to participate).

Why Should I participate in Peer Reviewer?
Second, we now reward reviewers for participating in this process.

  • Users can now earn 5 promo credits for each product they review, with a limit of 500 reviews per day (note:  this limit is subject to change).
  • Users can also now get an exclusive sneak peek at new products. Users can also add these brand new products to their wishlists, so they can purchase them as soon as they have passed Peer Review and are available in the catalog.

What else do I need to know?
There are a few other changes that you should be aware of before participating in Peer Review:

  • The first time a user visits Peer Review, they will see a pop-up window with an explanation of what Peer Review is and how the process works. All participants are required to learn the rules for participating and must familiarize themselves with the Virtual Goods Policy (VGP).
  • Customer Support will closely monitor individual Peer Review performance and behavior.  They will prohibit users from participating in this process (and earning promo credits) for routinely passing or failing products inaccurately, or in a deliberate attempt to disrupt this process.
  • Additionally, Customer Support will track the product re-rating history of all Creators to look for deliberate attempts to pass UFI content through to the catalog.  Creators who routinely submit mis-rated/UFI products will have their account(s) suspended or permanently disabled. 
  • To learn more about the Peer Review process, please read the FAQ link at the top of the Peer Review page.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this major update to Peer Review. We will be actively and closely monitoring the effects of these changes over the next few months, and we’ll continue to make changes as necessary. We encourage you to share your feedback with us by commenting below.

Thanks again for all of the feedback and suggestions you have shared with us on this process!

Sr. Community Manager


General Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Peer Review?
Peer Review is a system that IMVU has put in place in order to give the community a voice in the kinds of content allowed on IMVU. Peer Review allows users to review product submissions before they enter the catalog to be sure they adhere to the Virtual Goods Policy and IMVU community standards.

Q. How does the Peer Review process work?
After a product is submitted to the catalog, it is put up for review. All products are randomly assigned to a reviewer in order to reduce any attempt to game the system. Each reviewer is asked to evaluate the product and its product details to determine 1) if the rating selected matches the content, and 2) if the product and product page adhere to the Virtual Goods Policy. Using the checkboxes on the page, each reviewer can decide if the product passes or fails. If a product passes, it will be published to the catalog. If it fails, the submitter will be notified so they can address the concerns.

Q. What do I need to know before I start doing reviews?
All reviewers should read and be familiar with the Virtual Goods Policy. You should also be familiar with product pages, usage, and information in general.

Q. What are the criteria I should use when reviewing products?
You are evaluating a product and its product page to determine if the item follows our Virtual Goods Policy. While you may not be a customer for the actual product displayed, or not agree with the actual merchandising of the product, we ask that you only consider the Virtual Goods Policy when you review the item.

Q. Can I fail a product if I don’t like the submitter, or I think their product page is ugly, contains spelling errors, etc?
No. You should only be reviewing a product and its product description to ensure compliance with the Virtual Goods Policy.

Q. I don’t have an Access Pass. Will I be able to review Access Pass items?
No. Only Access Pass members can review items rated as Access Pass only.

Q. Are only newly submitted products subject to Peer Review?
No. Any product which will be sold, gifted, or used by an avatar must be Peer Reviewed. Peer Review can also be triggered if the Creator changes an item, its rating, or its. In addition, Customer Service may force a product to be reviewed if they have concerns about an un-rated item. Creators may also choose to self-submit any item for review.

Q. I don’t want to review certain types of products. Can I choose which types of products to review?
No. All products across all types are assigned randomly to reviewers. The only exception is that Access Pass items can only be reviewed by Access Pass holders.

Q. Do I have to review every product?
No. You can choose to skip a product review if you are unsure or uncomfortable reviewing the item.

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