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  1. I hope this is used just the way you have stated and is not just another fluffy idea coming from staff that gets misused and then misplaced as has so often happened over the years. Welcome to ImVu Jeff, I hope you are able to make the positive changes you have started.

  2. So if all punishments are final decisions, what happens when IMVU makes a mistake and punishes someone who is innocent or who simply made a stupid mistake and/or error? Is there going to be any sort of due process or are we all going to be treated like children and slapped on the hand whenever imvu feels things are in violation? Isn’t that rather subjective of imvu? Is there going to be a speedy process to deal with appeals? Are all accidents going to be treated as malicious actions? Are we going to receive any sort of warnings before we’re disabled? Is it even possible to make the rules black and white? Just some food for thought….

  3. I think this is very good. I really like this. Y’all improving on there IMVU community which is very helpful to people.

    I hope to see more progress & improvement on IMVU.


  4. this is definitely good news. I’ve sent out help tickets from last year and never heard a reply back. I’ve given up on sending help tickets coz of that issue. I even received a reply 2 years after i sent the first email and i don’t remember what my question was because the reply stated that they have received my email and was pretty broad. so hopefully with the new customer service we will actually get responses to help tickets sooner than 6 months to 2 years.

  5. WEW FINALLY !! I dont congratulate IMVU for that cuz i think it should have been done long time ago !!! I got several accounts disabled and i admit i had some exagerative behaviors but i think we should never be restricted to expose truth about things… Censorship totally sucks about some of these things.

  6. I am pleased to see this improvement in the Customer Care Dept of IMVU. Serious overhauls are needed here because your community feels very disconnect with IMVU. I do not foresee any sort of suspension or disablement, but I am glad that if this should happen to myself or anyone I care about, it will be properly addressed with an email and explanation. That is just good and warranted service.

  7. Wow! Thank you IMVU and Jeff H., this new concept sounds like it is going to be good, and helpful to everyone. It is really nice to see some change!

  8. So minors that are continuously lying about there age to purchase are just gonna get away with a slap on the wrist? I’ve seen plenty of this and its ridiculous.

  9. I find it interesting that you are claiming that you are only just now able to disable for a time period, when something like a month ago IMVU disabled a wide margin of their customer base in a black market roundup, and required them to sign an agreement not to participate in these events again, in return for getting back their account once two weeks had passed. As for improving customer service, the only way to go is up. The last time I checked, it was far faster to google for an answer then to use IMVU’s database, so good luck.

  10. Well my account got disabled about 2 months ago which I am AP holder and own my name…. reason for disablement UNKNOWN for I hadnt been able to get on client since I have been busy.. although I did check my homepage few days a week… is there any hope my account will be given back for wrongful disablement??

  11. I really like the punishing technique, one issue with me though.. are the account that have been disabled with out any notice of why.. are they getting enabled again? i think that they should be enabled with one more chance

  12. Hi, Tony. Just to clarify: when we have evidence that a user has lied about her or his age, we will continue to ban the account until we have received proof of the age on the account. We take age misrepresentation very seriously.

  13. Wait…so what if someone reports us and we are innocent?Will we still be blamed or what?
    I think its a good idea but except the part about how long we get suspeneded for like 4 weeks.
    That to much you know.I buy the credits from stores and i”m a member but I do think you should rethink this if you could.Like everyone who reports someone should at least be able to write why they reported that person.Since we all make mistakes ok. I think we should be able to go somewhere were I can talk about whatever without someone reporting me because of something I said.Oh and what about the actions like aren’t we allowed to use them …no because if someone says something rude I should be able to hit them in 3D ..lol.But its not fair ..about the permanitly suspeding accounts..

  14. This imvu disable business is so not fair youpay for ap which is for adults i had ga group 2 times it was deleted there was no xxx involved nothing and no swearing. I have seen other groups which is ga that shoud not be there it should be ap. I SAY IMVU IS STILL NOT FAIR!!!!! AP IS FOR ADULTS WHATS WRONG WITH THAT GA AND AP IS IMVU KEEPING IT SEPERATE? people spend their $$$$ on this site WHY is it even you pay for ap an adult should be able to see xxx stuff or whatever that RATED ADULT geez I am pissed off. If my account gets disabled that is it I will never come back to IMVU ever again. imvu terms sucks and is so not fair for ap at all!!!! GRRR

  15. So no more “this is your 6th warning” messages when in fact it is the first we have heard of it? LOL I can now go back in my messages through the client and see ALL of them I can’t tell you how many I have recieved like that only a couple in the last 3 years. And what about unfair banning of the forums just because a moderator accused me of something i didn’t do?

  16. I’ll believe it when I see it. Sounds like empty promises to me. Mark my words .. nothing will change. AP is at the end of dayz it so appears. Soon anatomically incorrect ken’s and barbie’s will fill your screens.

  17. Hey there Jeff!

    All of this sounds like a very promising start to some new beginnings and I am very heartened to see all of these active changes. Welcome to IMVU! :)

    In regards to Tony’s question though, I think what he means is:

    If a minor lied about their age, will they be re-allowed into IMVU after they prove that they are whatever age they are or will they be permanently banned?

    The reason for this concern is this:

    The minors that are caught keep coming back with multiple accounts and where IMVU takes age misrepresentation seriously in such a case, it is clear that these younger users do not. They simply come back as an older user under a new account and continue to flaunt the fact that they’re underage.

    The temporary ban = a shrug of their shoulders and they keep coming back and coming back and coming back.

    They don’t respect IMVU’s rules and don’t take the temporary banning seriously at all.

    Please, if you have the time, visit the AP forum where there are topics about minors misrepresenting their ages. Perhaps those will explain better the concern that is being brought up.

    Again, welcome to the team!

    ~ SpirInk

  18. It’s a good ideia at least now things are clearer.

    I think pepole need to be educated more and ths is a step in the right direction and a policy I have wanted to see strightened out for a few years now.

    Thank you so much for listening

  19. It is your sandbox and you folks own it so you get to pretty much say who gets to play in it… I get that, but I paid you in good faith a pretty nice chunk of change to play in your virtual sandbox and without any kind of notification at all you folks disabled my account… I have sent you a trouble ticket every 72 hours since this happened and I have yet to hear anything from IMVU regarding why I am no longer welcome…. If you look at the most successful companies, one common thread among them all is Customer Service! They got it, you can’t be successful with out your customers and the only way you keep customers and make more is through good customer service…. Even Walmart hires somebody to stand at the door and greet everyone as they come in, why do you think that is… HELLO IS ANYBODY IN THERE!!! I will make a deal with you, respond to any one of my tickets before November 7th and I won’t go play in SecondLife’s sandbox….

  20. Hmm we were promised that there would be improvements.. As usual I would like to give IMVU the benefit of the doubt and hope for the best. 2 new annoncements have been made now which makes it obvious that IMVU IS trying. I have my fingers crossed … ok my toes too!


  22. Does this mean you will now be asking for a copy someone’s ID if they are using a credit card? That’s how most minors are getting their Access Pass and Age verify tags, using their parent’s credit card.

    Otherwise, perhaps a list of offenses and their penalties should be listed in the ToS and/or VGP to help educate others.

  23. I’ve been disabled a record amount of times..I can’t even begin to tell you how many..And NOT ONCE was I ever given a reason!!..Not until I sent a personal email to a staff member..One account (Sexydadsangel) was disabled for good cuz there was embedded coding on the page..I asked for this staff member to please, please take my password and look for herself that the codes in question had indeed been deleted over six months prior..But she wouldn’t look for herself that I had nothing out of TOS there..I spend no less then $30.00 per week on IMVU..Add that up with almost six years of using this site..I’m on my 5th avi account..Either I hurt someone feelings, made statements that were against TOS, had embedded coding, was reported 30 plus times for herassment..Blah blah..If you don’t like what someone has to say to you, BLOCK THEM..If you find things upon thier home page offensive, then DONT VISIT..And if you dont like what someone has to say to you in response to something you said, then you SHOULDNT had opened yer mouth in the first place..Ok my rant here is done..I’d love to have back either my account or all the money spent on it, but its not going to happen cuz certain Staff members wont go in there and remove the crap..But when this account was disabled for two weeks, the very SAME staff member went onto my page and deleted three messeges..WTH?..See my point?..Anyone?..

  24. basically there encouraging us to report people. regardless of whether or not your innocent they will only look at the big picture and wont account set ups to fights.

  25. Fantastic….another new guy that knows nothing at all about the company, it’s history, the people, or the problems. Still – accounts are going to be suspended or disabled by a “final decision” rather than allowing the account holder any type of recourse or explanation prior to such action. These people are paying to be here, and should be afforded more respect than that.

  26. Jeff welcome to the community…I hope to see your visible presence since you are the person announcing this monumental process.

    I do have to admit I am concerned about IMVU’s continued stand on guilty before innocent in most of their approach.

    Your customers should not be living in fear of disablement.

    Do you think it might be possible for IMVU to reconsider their process and include – “Once you receive this explanatory email with the information regarding your disablement, you will be offered an opportunity to explain or defend yourself from possible misreporting or assumption on the part of our Staff or Users”

    The reason I ask for this, is due to recent miscommunications that have occurred within the walls of IMVU where a staff member thought one thing when it was clearly another.

    Please allow for the human error that can occur.

  27. Hi Jeff, and welcome! I am looking forward to see these positive changes in the disablement process. However, I must agree with some of the others that anyone getting such an e-mail should have the right to defend themselves if they actually do have a defense. I am totally against the “guilty until proven innocent” concept. As long as people have the right to rebut accusations against them, before they are disabled (or punished). It’s a great start! I hope to see a great finish! Good luck with your new job,! OG

  28. Well I dont know how long a disabled account from payment fraud lasts, as it was my only violation. I do like this update tho, so i hope they’ll send me an email to my other email, as i made my first acc. on there.

  29. my friends account got hacked an disabled is there any possible chance that my bf can get his account back soon cuz he put alot of time an money also effort into his account hes been on an off it cuz of school an such so if u have any idea or when he will get his account back or not please let me kno ASAP please

  30. there are alotta questions to that answer can be a yes or maybe or wont ever happen or he might have been hacked by someone like wut happened to my friend

  31. Agreed. I would also like to see more of an ability from members to contest any charge against their accounts. This new “progress” is just another half-hearted attempt at calming us down and making us think solutions are being made, when they are really not. Not until members have adequate recourse to protect themselves and their accounts from IMVU and against malicious reports of abuse by others will any progress truly be made. Members should be able to dispute any accusations made against them. Also, we want FAIR WARNINGS so we have a chance to correct our accounts if need be – not simply an e-mail with a semi-explanation AFTER the account has already been suspended! It’s truly does come down to a matter of respect for the community, which, despite every new blog proclaiming improvements to communication, respect seems to still be lacking severely.

  32. The worst thing in imvu is your complaint ticket system, its almost as though you dont care about your customers, this is an area that needs urgent attention, and it is a cop out to say you can get the answer to common questions because most times they dont fit the problem that is being experienced, it needs a place where you can leave a message and get a human person to talk to you the same day, most times the problems can be fixed quite easily if u had someone to attend to it instead of a computer that cannot think for itself

  33. I think an email or a message containing the exact violation (not a generic “you violated the TOS” one) would be in order prior to any disablement action.
    With help tickets response time being what it is and immature users doing being prominent around here, I personally refrain from spending as many real life money as I could, in case my account gets disabled for some mysterious reason and I can’t get it back.
    It will take more than a reassuring blog post to make users feel confident they won’t get tossed out of here for no reason.

  34. I totally get ur point! my friend, who has done absolutly nothing wrong, had her account deleted for unknown reasons. We love IMVU and we use it to role play but this was a bit to much! She had all the great stuff and now has had to start all over again. Will someone give her account back?

  35. Hey Jeff,
    I have read your new “policy” with interest. It actually seems more like the description of your new punitive procedure regarding disablement really. I acknowledge there is some step in the right direction, however a policy imo should not only outline your procedure but also provide
    1. A please explain process, giving the member a chance to reply to the accusation and provide any mitigating circumstances
    2. A review process, where any member should be able to appeal a decision under the policy and have it reviewed in a reasonable time frame by a person not involved in the original decision to disable the account.
    3. Contact details and instruction on how to access the review process should also be given.

    I may be back with more when I have further thought about this new “Policy”


  36. all sounds allright aside from, ALL PUNISHMENTS ARE FINAL…. yes because imvu have never made mistakes in punishing people, that there automated reporting systems are perfect and that staff allways have the time to check every ban thuraly to be sure.. ill be dam sure every time im banned without just reason to get that report removed even if it takes years of anoying the hell out of staff to look into it… -old user lost faith long ago under the dev bill of rights

  37. Hello Jeff H.
    I am pleased to see these new rules being added to the disablement process. I suggested a very similar process to CaryJay when she asked for feedback from the IMVU community. I hope that the other issue I raised through help tickets and emails will be addressed soon and with a positive result.
    Thanks in advance.

  38. I’m just glad to see someone addressing this issue. I’ve never been disabled, or accused of any kind of violations, and I’ve read the TOS and VGP up and down, but still have lived with a little paranoia since IMVU has been the target of so much of my time and energy. Good luck, Jeff!

  39. Wow, this is a lot better! However, my account has recently been disabled, and I put a lot of money, effort and work into it. I then recieved a message claiming that an item on my page was breaching the TOS. I thought I had made those changes, even though imvu would not tell me what to change or even give a clue. I would like my account back, as it was disabled unfairly. I wish this was introduced earlier so I had a chance to figure out what was wrong ): Maybe this isn’t the best place to say this but imvu have not responded to my ticket. A lot feel the same. Also some say that you can wait A YEAR or even MORE for a response. I cannot ring imvu as the call from britain would be a little expensive, and online is much easier. A friend of mine has also been disabled unfairly; plus many other. Could you introduce a way in which people who have only breached the TOS once get their account back, and have another chance to correct the mistake? Thanks, Laura.

  40. Thanks SpiritInk, For clarifying what I meant. I’ve know of a few minors with AP accounts. I’ve reported them seen them disables only to get there accounts back. Then they turn right back around and start new AP accounts flaunting it around that they can get away with it.. Its nice that IMVU is trying to make people happy, but if your not getting to the root of the problem whats the point?

  41. i just want my account back i spent so much money on that account and then you just go and disable it for what reason i ain’t done no payment fraud none of those things so why have you disabled my account you lot need to give me a reason!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Ok I understand the work that your currently doing right now..bt hwat about the logging in? Because I jsut tried and I saw that all my avi’s things were gone. I havn’t violated any of imvu’s rules and I have not recieved the email yet. But how long will this take..and when its over are we going to be able to go on our accounts again?

  43. I believe that no account should be bared for items that are ap that may go beyond guidlines i guess this is my own opinion but honestly if it is ap there should be no Issue regarding that i mean that im just trying to say if its ap it means an adult pass many ways this is unreasonable for truthfully there should be no issue cause it is for adults the only things that should be blocked are things that cause problems to the site itself such as credit fraud and things such as that but there should be no reason any ap item should be blocked oro censored due to the fact that it may be a little more mature but the truth is honestly thats what the people who bought ap was purchasing this product for initialy i have to fully disagree thought it is not my site i just would have to ask why would you deam them bad products i mean honestly what you should be concerned with is those who are not actualy of ap age to me it seems like you are just upset that credits go around that may never be sent to you or be sold i dont now but honestly i dont see reason in it less your truly planing on removing ap eventualy and giving refunds for thems i dont see why you should block ap to be honest from items that would and should not be disbared

  44. So what if someone innocent and made an honest mistake. We’re not perfect people, unintentional errors happen. The way this improvement sounds is that there’s no way to question the ban.
    ” All actions taken on an account will be accompanied by a detailed email explaining why the account was suspended or disabled and when you can expect to regain access (if that applies). For example, the first violation of the ToS results in a 2-week suspension. The second violation may result in an additional 4-week suspension, and the third violation may result in the permanent disablement of your account. Our decisions regarding the penalties we impose on accounts are final. Some offenses will remain serious enough to permanently disable your account immediately.” (from the blog post).
    What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

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