111 thoughts on “Terms of Service Violations and Account Disablement

  1. Can you restore the account iStylista, deleted last year and would like it restored. I filed the ticked but I am not getting a response

  2. My friend Curious169 would like to lodge a complaint as well .. but she CANT SIGN IN !!!!
    HOW is she suppose to submit a ticket for you NOT to read ????????
    your little blog post there is dated NOV .. this is JAN 2010 .. there is still an issue

    FIX IT!!!!!!!!

  3. Dear Jeff,
    My parents canceled my pay pal account for using it online, and I am having hard time canceling my VIP membership. My friends told me that if I don’t cancel it now that imvu will disable me. So I want to get rid of it & not have to worry about it. But I can’t do this because my pay-pal account no longer exist. Could you tell me a way to cancel my VIP membership on imvu?

  4. Hello I’m very furious now because today i got online and imvu told i got disable because proof age i went to my email and they told me why i was like when i put that ticket there then i remembered i got hacked last time maybe the person who took my account sent a ticket and now i got my account back and today i got disable I’m furious i haven’t done anything to the TOS i just go on my account everyday chat go to chat room and make my clothing and now I’m disable i cannot believe it IMVU please help me what have i done to you guys.

    My User name is Mzdiamondzgothaterz

    Help me please send me a message i my email please.

  5. hello, im yisela and im writing because my account yisela20 has been deleted, i dont know why and im unhappy for this, i wanna have my real account early please, contact to me soon, i will be waiting an answer…thank you so much, yisela

  6. Hello I WD I canceled my account the error and requested retrieved have not received any message on a private e-mail in my account and I hope to assist me in my return as the private e-mail when graam222@hotmail.com Thank you for your cooperation

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