We have resolved the issue affecting Product Pages. We are now working on implementing a new policy for Product Pages that will ensure flexibility for our Creators as well as safety for everyone.

For now, all previously submitted Product Pages with dynamic content and JavaScript currently in the Product Catalog will continue to function. However, any new submissions or edits to existing Product Pages can no longer include any dynamic content. This may include code that you obtained from a third party website to customize your page, such as Youtube videos or JavaScript.

We will automatically reject product submissions that violate these terms, so you will know immediately if your page includes any dynamic content.

As mentioned above, this is not the final solution. We’re still working on a longer term policy that combines flexibility and safety, and we’ll make sure to keep you updated. Please be assured that any future changes should not result in issues similar to those experienced over the past few days.

Again, we truly apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue, and we appreciate your patience as we worked to correct the issue.

Update with additional clarification:
To clarify for those of you requesting more explanation around what can no longer be used in your Product Pages, please see the good/bad examples below. The bad will result in your submission being rejected:

<img src=”http://www.myhost.com/this-is-good/please-do-this.jpg”>
<img src=”http://www.myhost.com/this is bad/do not use spaces.jpg”>

body, html {
    background-image: url ('http://static.flickr.com/my_picture.jpg');
    background-color: Black;

body, #product-details h1 {
    color: White;

a:link {
    color: White !important;

<A HREF=”http://avatars.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=3633837″

Animated gifs are okay!


<img src=”http://www.myhost.com/this%20is%20bad/use%20spaces.jpg”>
(this is bad because it uses %20 instead of a real space.)


Thank you,
Sr. Community Manager


172 thoughts on “Product Page Update

  1. Even though this is off topic, but if you get the checksum error, just make a new folder for ur cfl files in a complete different place then the imvu folder and save ur cfl there. That works around the vista problem.

  2. Honestly I am happy to see the removal of all of the garbage. I was very tired of opening a page to find videos containing ap on a ga and music I found offensive. Everyone forgot the base law of it all. K.I.S.S.

  3. So let me get this clear…
    The BAD is listing all the codes that can not be used such as HTML? We can only use IMG codes? Please let me know if that is correct.

  4. OK imvu, we have patiently waited and waited, for you to sort this problem out, and still you have not. Its extremely bad of you to ignore your loyal supporters, and I think its time you stood up and gave something back to the community that is supporting you, because without us you would not exist.

  5. wow like forreal, this is ridiculous. I dont even know why you ask our feedback if you dont even consider our opinions. But whatever, WE SUPPORT YOU. with out us, IMVU would be nothing.

  6. having same problem here with vista.. and i’ve done everything the forums said to do.. would be nice if imvu and vista got along lol.

  7. when you save your files from your paint program or watnot, save your pics with file names that dont contain spaces, dont put
    avi pic number one, put avipicnumberone. this may fix your code. . my html from photocucket still works on still images. havent tried slideshow yet. there is alot of this in the forums. good luck.

  8. html still pics for product pages still work for me, try to name your files without spaces in the name. example: avipicnumberone instead of avi pic number one. this may help your code.

  9. Im a developer on IMVU and it seems that instead of making it better to out do the competition, things are getting harder and more of a headache. I love IMVU and the ease of creating however if it continues this way many more are going to move over to SL…so think about it, WE MAKE IMVU not the other way around.

  10. I agree with you on this matter the 100×80 is a rip off. I find myself creating such wonderful items to sale but without the EXPENSIVE software some may need and use to create better pics to fit that size, majority are left in the dark. I do hope IMVU changes this feature and at least allow a more decent size of 200 or have it where you can see image (bigger) once you roll over it. Like some product pages I use online to order clothing from (ex: OldNavy, etc.)

  11. you know i don’t like feeling like a second rate person here on imvu. My money (or credits) are as green as the next developer. So i dont have pro I still work hard to do my pr’s enter my products and sell like you want. SO why dont i have rights like a pro? How can i sell my virtual items if i can’t give the customer a page that will excite the eye and make the brain say buy. Thanks for making me fell less of a person and a delveloper. ITS JUST NOT RIGHT

  12. i agree with everyone i am working towards pro but cannot allow my real life to be affected because all i am doing is developing. I think its wrong to take that away from developers that even though are not pro make wonderful products. In the long run if we are making more credits so is imvu even if we are not pro!

  13. i love the new version but when i write action words for example: “cry” it cry´s very fastly!!!
    that´s the only 1 thing that it´s bothering!!!

  14. I’ve learned how to be a better person for sure. The desire to grow community is a strong motivator to staying ethical and honest at every turn. :)

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