Pride 2015 Celebration on IMVU

IMVU community continues its annual tradition of celebrating LGBT Pride event on IMVU – all week long!

Equality without exception is the motto of this event that is celebrated across the United States in June and IMVU customers are joining in via chat room parties, profile cards and stories. Plus, our artistic Creators have ensured our fashion-savvy community has the perfect attire for the event!

We have an incredible community of IMVU members who identify as LGBTand LGBT allies – and they have shared their personal stories with us and rest of IMVUers…

“…people are people and love crosses all boundaries….whatever you are is what you were meant to be..”

“I know is hard, but always remember YOUR NOT ALONE, YOUR NOT THE ONLY ONE, YOU ARE JUST LIKE ANY OTHER PERSON, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO LOVE THE ONE YOU CHOOSE.  Don’t live with fear. Spread love and you’ll receive love. Gender doesn’t matter… “

There’s a place where you can express the true you, love who you want to love, discover new friends, and build lasting relationships with members of the LGBT community and its supporters—and that is on IMVU!


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