Play Farmandia on IMVU!

Just in time for the harvest season, IMVU launches Farmandia in the IMVU games lobby! Farm with your IMVU friends and level up. You can plow, plant and harvest crops and process them into goods to earn money. Use your earnings to further expand and customize your farm. You can also harvest trees and collect from your farm animals.

As you build your farm, notice the different kinds of plants and livestock that will yield a higher return. Get it right, and you’ll have even greater purchase power to customize your perfect farm. ¬†Get it right, and you’ll have even greater purchase power. As you invite your IMVU friends to become players in the game, they will also become your neighbors in Farmandia. Visit their farms to see what kind of crops they are growing, help them with a small gift, or just be a good neighbor and water their plants!

So start playing now and Happy farming!

Varsha B

Sr. Community Manager

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