Creator Showcase – The August Edition

IMVU’s Creator Showcase is a monthly series that highlights Creators for their content creating achievements. Our Creators populate the shop with products expressing their talents, skills and artistic vision while all IMVU users enrich their experience with these millions of products to dress up their 3D avatars and decorate their chat rooms.

August 2013’s Creator Showcase features Uke – a content creator who makes beautiful anime-themed products! Uke has been a member on IMVU for over 5 years, and has developed an extensive catalog that includes male and female clothing for IMVU’s anime and kawaii sub-communities.

This is what he has to say about finding inspiration - “I’ve always had an interest in making and drawing clothes, accessories, and other stuff…I usually get my inspiration from drawing, manga, anime, and games. But it also happens that an idea just randomly pops into my head.”

If you are looking for male “Bishounen” looks, go no further! Uke creates beautiful skins, hair, clothing, and an assortment of excellent heads. Uke’s products can be mixed and matched in perfect harmony, so it’s really a one-stop-shop for cute anime styles! You’ll want to stay up to date on Uke’s newest additions as his main goal is to reach 1000+ products in his catalog!

Enjoy shopping for Uke’s products in IMVU’s shop!

Community Spotlight – The July Edition

Did you know July is celebrated as the National Picnic Month?  We found that to be the perfect excuse to host a photo contest. Of course, no matter which part of the world you live in, sunny skies, sandy beaches and warm oceans are always within your reach in IMVU!

We invited our community members to skillfully decorate the perfect picnic setting in their 3D chat room, host a picnic for  their friends and family and then share the fun via photos with everyone.  The contest entries were amazing as usual and showcased the variety of our virtual catalog as well as everyone’s artistic talents.  One could build a sandcastle, enjoy a luau, relax among the meadows by a lake, or sip a tropical drink at a beachfront juice bar!

Of course, July is also the time for Comic-Con International  held annually in San Diego, CA!  The event is extremely popular with our fantasy-loving crowd at IMVU. To celebrate the occasion, we invited our Creators to create their vision of an outfit for an IMVU superhero or superheroine with a product contest. We had many stylish entries that will guarantee any super being to get an upper hand even without using their super powers! Now the Moon Warrior, Meta Verse girl, Telekendra, IMVU Man and PVC Superhero are all busy protecting the IMVUniverse from the evil powers….

August is upon us already and everyone is busy with Friendship Week and back to school activities. We will continue our celebrations with the community throughout the month.

Community Spotlight – The June Edition

June was certainly an eventful month for the IMVU community. Our customers rallied together to participate in various Pride month activities and to enjoy the launch of our brand-new Marriage Package offering.

The Marriage Package allows IMVU customers to make their IMVU commitment official and set up and decorate the shared – “Our Room”. Thousands of couples  have been getting married on IMVU cementing their special bond, hosting a gala wedding right here in 3D Chat and then getting busy making the perfect home for their friends and family. Smoked Mirror, an online magazine published by some of IMVU’s talented users dedicated its June issue to the happy couples in IMVU who shared their touching stories and dreams for their happily ever after with us all!

IMVU community also enthusiastically celebrated the entire month of June as the LGBT Pride Month along with rest of the country. We are proud of our diverse community of LGBT members and allies and wanted to bring the pride festivities to them. The rainbow colors representing the event were displayed everywhere within IMVU. Our users showed their support by decorating their profile pictures with special frames, and wearing the male and female shirts made available in our virtual catalog just for the occasion.


The celebration culminated with a big block party held in multiple chat rooms decorated with pride themes. IMVU staff and our customers mingled with each other and had a gala time during the 24-hour event. The photos captured during the party filled up our Photo Stream and showcased the community spirit perfectly.

We are thrilled to have had a fantastic June and are looking forward to make July – The National Picnic Month – just as fun for us all.

Creator Showcase – The June Edition

June’s Creator Showcase celebrates a community member who submitted IMVU’s 20 millionth product to the our virtual catalog…xMrsImperialSofie86x!

xMrsImperialSofie86x is a new Creator who started her IMVU developing career at the urging of her IMVU husband. Sofie primarily creates female clothing and is inspired by various patterns and colors seen across IMVU. Like many new creators, Sofie was somewhat apprehensive to creating because she “wasn’t sure [she’d] have the patience to be creating clothing considering all the details.” Fortunately, xMrsImperialSofie86x enjoys a challenge, and she realized how much fun it is to create. As her husband said, “seeing other people wearing your creations gives a lot of satisfaction.”

The future is very bright for xMrsImperialSofie86x. Though she is currently focusing on clothing items, she definitely sees herself creating “more and different items, including rooms and furniture” in the future. Lucky for us, she is creating at a rapid rate. Be sure to keep an eye on her catalog: she submits new products nearly every day!


Join us in congratulating xMrsImperialSofie86x in our forum post here!

Employee Spotlight – Greg, Sr. Software Engineer @ IMVU

Employee Spotlight – A New Series

IMVU’s Employee Spotlight is a monthly series that focuses on IMVU team members and highlights some of the cool things they get to do every day.

Greg, Senior Software Engineer (Avatar name: “gregory”)











When Greg first joined IMVU a little over two years ago, he had just received his master’s degree in Structural Engineering from Stanford. “I thought IMVU provided a great opportunity for me to jump into the Computer Science world,” Greg recalls. And that it did. In his role as Senior Software Engineer, Greg’s primary focus is on coding – and lots of it. Even in his spare time, Greg works on developing his coding skills (when he’s not motorcycle camping or hanging out with his girlfriend, that is).

While the ability to ship high-quality features to customers quickly is essential to success as a Senior Software Engineer, it’s not what Greg cites as the key factor to doing his job well – instead, it’s the ability to work well on a team. Greg explains that his job, “takes really great communication and a willingness to learn, because you’re going to have to get out of your comfort zone a bunch of times.” One of the consistent challenges that Greg faces is the need to please a user base of over 110 million.  Some of you might remember when Credits were first made available for purchase within IMVU’s 3D Chat application, as opposed to just via the Web site – Greg was one of the guys who made that feature possible, and he says it’s definitely one of the most fun projects he’s had the chance to be a part of.

While the daily intellectual challenges Greg’s job present are definitely one of the perks, he says that the best part of working for IMVU is, without a doubt, the culture the company fosters. Not many companies have the CEO sitting at the same kind of desk as his employees. “He’s just one of us,” Greg says. “We’re all kind of like equals here. That’s almost symbolic of the empowerment we get here. I feel like I can make a really big difference in the company with any side project I want. I have a voice.”

We couldn’t be happier that a little over two years ago, Greg made that decision to step out of his comfort zone and try something new. Are you interested in trying something new like Greg did? Check out our Jobs page for current openings at IMVU!

Creator Showcase – The May Edition

IMVU’s Creator Showcase is a monthly series that highlights Creators for their content creating achievements. Our Creators populate the shop with products expressing their talents, skills and artistic vision while all IMVU users enrich their experience with these millions of products to dress up their 3D avatars and decorate their chat rooms.

May’s Creator Showcase features Dalamar1013, a Creator who has been with IMVU since 2007.

Dalamar1013 is known for his many helpful texture tutorials in our Texture Developing forums. From tips on body mapping, creating accessories, or a refresher on how to make a bundle, Dalamar1013′s inspiring tutorials have helped many new content creators. A design engineer in real-life, Dalamar enjoys making a range of products for IMVU”s catalog including making custom versions upon request. He is motivated by his own creator energy but above all wanting to have fun! You can spot his popular hairstyle products worn by many around IMVU’s chat rooms.


To learn more about Dalamar1013 and hear his advice for new creators, please read our forum post.

Update regarding Service Outage

As per our earlier communication, IMVU has been the target of another external and malicious attack starting around 12 noon on Saturday, June 1st (Pacific Time). As before, our systems and data continue to be secure while our internet connection services get impacted. As a result, on June 1st, our customers again experienced problems accessing our website, 3D Chat and various features of our services throughout the day.

We sincerely apologize to our customers who could not enjoy their IMVU experience in the manner they are accustomed to. Our team has been working non-stop to address the issues to ensure our customers can get back online, chat with their friends and play. We will continue these efforts and keep you updated. Meanwhile, we appreciate your patience and thank you for being part of our community.


Information regarding recent outage

We wanted to share some information with all our customers regarding the site-wide issues we have experienced starting at around 3 PM on Tuesday, May 28th (Pacific Time). The difficulties you all experienced trying to use IMVU’s website and/or 3D Chat client were the result of an external and malicious attack on our internet connection services. Our databases and all information systems remained completely secure and no account information was compromised. However, our customers experienced partial or complete lack of connectivity to IMVU over a period of 36 hours. The disruption to service was intermittent and at various times affected some or all of our customers.

As of right now, the website and client are fully accessible. Our team has been working around the clock to resolve the problems and continues to address any remaining issues caused by this disruption.

Please follow our forum post for continued updates regarding any remaining issues and their resolution.

We want to express our sincere apologies for the inconvenience and will continue our diligent efforts to ensure you are all enjoying IMVU to its fullest.

Thank you.

Make that a +1!

Are you following us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or all of the above? Well add another social media channel to the lists because IMVU just joined Google+!

Just as much as you love IMVU, we want others to feel the same way you do. With IMVU Community now on Google+, users can furthermore come together and share their great fashions, creativity, and friendships that have formed here on IMVU. Get to know more about IMVU and the IMVU community you are a part of. Stay in the know about all things IMVU at all times!

Google Plus Blog Post

So go ahead, add IMVU Community to your circle and let the hangouts begin!

IMVU 2Go for Android

After the popularity of our IMVU 2GO application, which has been available to iPhone users for a couple of years, we are now expanding the availability of the app to all of you Android users! IMVU 2GO for Android is now available as a free download in the Google Play Store. Already, we have seen a tremendous response to the app and have made a few updates in response to the feedback we received from our community.

IMVU 2GO for Android allows you to stay connected with your IMVU avatar and friends anytime, anywhere. The app enables you to respond to messages, make friends and even chat using your mobile device.

Similar to IMVU 2GO for iPhone, IMVU 2GO for Android includes following features:

  • Messages: Receive and respond to messages
  • Chat: Accept invites and text chat in the chat rooms
  • Requests: Accept or send friend requests
  • My Profile: Update your profile or upload photos to your albums
  • Friends: See your friends list and stay connected with them
  • Daily Outfit Challenge: See the latest entries and vote for your favorites
  • Pulse: Share your thoughts  and connect with new friends
  • News: Stay in the know with the latest IMVU blog posts
  • Birthdays: Know when it’s your friend’s birthday and gift them

We know you may miss IMVU if you step away from your computers, with IMVU 2GO you no longer have to. If you have not already done so, download the app today, sign into your IMVU account and receive a cool, fun gift for your avatar!