Need Translators from IMVU Community!

We are happy to note that IMVU is making great progress in making our experience available to international communities. We now have IMVU available in multiple localized flavors and will continue to add more languages in the future. Most of the translation work has been the result of contribution from IMVU members like you and we want to thank them all!

We still need our members to help us with our internationalization efforts and improve the quality of our translated content. We currently are looking for folks to help us with these languages:

French, German, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Turkish and Indonesian

If you are interested in contributing to our translation efforts please drop us a note at Do include information about yourself in the email to address following questions:

1) Why do you want to be a language translator for IMVU?
2) What is the highest level of education you have completed?

Thank you in advance!

Varsha B

Sr. Community Manager

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