Mobile Payments from Over 80 Countries

Our customers love IMVU because they get to meet people from around the world and make connections. The “from around the world” is literally 100s of countries and our global community continues to grow every day. We look for ways to support our international customers including offering them multiple ways to purchase Credits and other services from us to they can enjoy their IMVU experience fully. The ever-popular mobile phones offer an easy way for customers to make payments while on the go and from anywhere in the world as long as they have a phone.

We have been offering SMS and home phone payments to our customers for many years and. keep working with our partners to expand our reach. In February alone, we added 10 new countries to our list including Kuwait, Dominican Republic, Chile, Kosovo, Costa Rica and Morocco.

Want to know which countries are supported for phone payments? Just visit the phone purchase page and check out the complete list of countries as well as the Credit packages available for each country.

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