Message from Creator Team for Peer Review

Greetings Everyone,

The Creator Team at IMVU wants to put a call out to all of you to participate in the Peer Review process! We had record level participation just before the holidays when we posted the last homepage message, which helped to clear products that Creators made for specific customers and also provided new products for users to choose from before the holiday season ended. This was a great accomplishment and we appreciate your efforts! Now that the holidays are over, we’ve noticed that Peer Review participation levels have dropped and we need your continued participation in this process since Creators are continuing to create products.

In case you need more persuading, here are some points to consider as you think about participating in Peer Review:

– Not only will you help move products created by your fellow creators into the catalog , but you also increase the chances of your products getting reviewed and cleared more quickly.

– Reconsider the desire to pass or skip products pending review since skipping a product is likely to give it more visibility. The current system ensures older products in the queue are moved to the front, so we ask that if you skip or pass a product, please only do so if you are not sure if its pass or fail.

– IMVU understands how folks feel about Peer Review and how it ties to Tiers. Please understand these are separate processes and you shouldn’t vote based on your Tier. You can read more about this process by reading The Virtual Goods Policy. **

– If you see a product that’s passed Peer Review but is clearly UFI or may be AP if passed to GA, then please flag it. We are going to be taking more stern action against those who are passing these products into the catalog and by flagging them, we can address them faster.

We hope you’ll participate in the Peer Review process to help the IMVU community continue to thrive! You can participate in Peer Review right now by clicking here

We wish to send a big thanks to our Creator Community; we couldn’t do this without you!

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