We are excited to officially launch IMVU’s first Mac client for Apple computers. Now Mac users can join IMVU’s thriving online community and social entertainment network where members use 3D avatars to meet new people, chat, create and play games with their friends, The Mac version has been in testing for a few weeks and it still in beta mode. Download it today and start playing – It’s free!

Our CEO, Cary Rosenzweig (CaryJay) says, “We’re excited that Apple customers can now, for the first time, participate in the IMVU community of more than 50 million registered users. We’re opening up IMVU to a group of creative individuals who are sure to make an outstanding contribution to the IMVU community.”

IMVU’s new Mac client delivers outstanding social entertainment experiences that have been available on the PC since the company first launched IMVU in 2004. Users new to the IMVU platform can easily create a free account and select an avatar of their choice. Members can then immediately begin exploring IMVU to meet new people, chat, create and play games with their friends. They can also check out IMVU’s virtual goods catalog of more than four million items – the world’s largest – in order to begin creating online personas as unique as they are. We continue to work on the Mac client and each version will deliver additional features to make it just like the Windows client. The Client is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 or higher with Intel processor.

So if you have a Mac, come join the party and give us feedback!


Varsha B

Sr. Community Manager


7 thoughts on “Mac Users – Welcome to IMVU!

  1. I have been running the client under VMWare Fusion for a couple years now – this is a damn nice surprise – was wondering if IMVU on the iPhone would bring this about. Installed – I start testing tonight.

  2. great news! i loooove mac version! It’s PERFECT!
    i’ve been waiting for these day since years…!
    BUT imvu should developer a tiger version…lot’s of imvu users here have tiger..! programs were tiger compatible till last year!!

  3. Hot damn, they finally did it. Good job guys, and good luck with your world conquest. IMVU is great, and this new Mac release is even greater. Keep up the work IMVU. Keep us addicted ^_^

  4. hey i heard you are realizing imvu for tiger! Yes it’s definitely a good move becaouse lots of users here have mac os x tiger with intel to run imvu!

  5. This is an amazing feat. However the gap between saying a Mac version was underway and this in my honest opinion should of been filled with updates, even if there were bugger all updates being done. At least some kind of heads up. But it is well worth the wait now not having to use Windows on the Mac (not that Windows is a bad OS series).

    Perhaps some kind of notice sent out either by a banner on the site would work wonders.

    Giving all Mac fanatics a chance to see what has finally become of the IMVU application. (unless there already is one that I missed.)

    My sincere thanks towards all developers/investors/social workers(?) who have worked on the Mac project and the IMVU project as a whole.

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