Introducing New Creator Advocate and Program Manager

Hello Creators,

My name is Laura, but you may know me as “Jinx”. I have been a Creator at IMVU for almost 13 years. Twelve years ago, I moved to California to be near IMVU, and for the last 8 months, I have been working with the team in different departments. Recently, my dream job became available and I am pleased to announce that I am now stepping into a new role: “Creator Advocate and Program Manager”. I am truly excited about this role, as it represents what I stand for within the IMVU Creator community, as well as an opportunity to be your advocate.


My job is to connect with the Creator community and serve as an advocate, a liaison, and an educator, to communicate with IMVU employees so that they can better understand the Creator program and all of its details.

I will strive to keep the lines of communication open and flowing. I want to bring us all together and create a better sense of community and sharing. As a first step in that direction, I am setting up the email address, where you can send your ideas and issues. This email will go not just to me, but to multiple employees who have a vested interest in making IMVU an outstanding experience for Creators.

Along those lines, it is my pleasure to announce some big news.

The IMVU team has been working hard on expanding the current capabilities of the Creator Tool. If you’ve even done any meshing, you know that exporting from 3Ds Max (or your program of choice) and importing into the Create tab can be a labor-intensive task. If you don’t have a Cal3D plugin, you aren’t able to export from many of the 3D tools out there. But..what if you could just save a .fbx file and load it directly into Create during the import process? This would not only make things easier for our existing Creators, but it also makes the entire Creator program more accessible to tens of thousands of new 3D creators and animators. This tool is currently in development and is being worked on by a team of engineers and designers as I write this!

Here are the spiffy screenshots:
1 2 3 4

These are a work in progress, and that is where you, the 3D Creator, come in. If you are experienced with 3D Modeling software and you are interested in being a Beta tester for the new FBX import tool, please send us an email at Tell us a little bit about your 3D modeling/animating experience and what OS and 3D tools you use. We will use this information to reach out to a variety of Creators when the tool is ready for testing.

Let’s make IMVU even more awesome…together!


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