IMVU’s Virtual Hackathon Update

IMVU’s first-ever virtual hackathon came to a close last week on October 16. The challenge for all hackers was to create an app that will become part of a new apps page in the IMVU platform. The hackathon also required the app or experience to be developed in Unity and use IMVU’s new API, which allows developers to embed IMVU avatars ┬áto make the experience more personalized and social.
We will be awarding over $70,000 in prizes (thanks to many sponsors of the hackathon) to 10 winners at the Hack With Me Awards Party held in San Francisco, CA on Thursday, October 22 at 7 PM Pacific Time. We will be  streaming the event live via the Hack With Me website so be sure to join in.
In the meantime, check the submissions that are our finalists here and participate in the vote by liking them.
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