IMVU’s Top 10 Biggest Gifters

The final results are in, and IMVU’s Top 10 Biggest Gifters are listed below. Way to go!!


The Top 3 Biggest Gifters earned some fun prizes for being so incredibly generous:

Grand prize winner: Productions is the proud new owner of a Nintendo Wii.

Second place winner: Varalla received a $100 Amazon Gift card.

Third place winner: Foxrocs received a $50 Amazon Gift card.

Top 10 Biggest Gifters
Productions – 16,276 Gifts
Varalla – 14,889 Gifts
Foxrocs –  8,712 Gifts
P3nY4UrThOuGhTs – 5,945 Gifts
Q8NORTHSTAR – 5174 Gifts
Miamibooy – 4,944 Gifts
Anubis6942 – 2,271 Gifts
AngelCyn – 2,099 Gifts
Badkitty – 1,827 Gifts
Darcangele – 1,697 Gifts

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you can’t keep giving! Check out the latest new fashions in the IMVU catalog, and help your friends design a fresh new look for 2009! 


Happy New Year!

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