IMVU’s Daily Outfit Challenge – Creative, Expressive, Fun!

By Katiemarie – Online Community Engagement Manager

IMVU is all about creativity and self-expression. As IMVU’s Community Manager, I love to see our community share their individual sense of style and artistry through our popular feature: the Daily Outfit Challenge.

IMVU’s Daily Outfit Challenge features outfits put together by our fashionistas and voted on by fellow community members. Each day a brand new theme is available and participants go shopping in our vast virtual goods catalog for clothing and accessories that match the theme. They put together creative outfits that cleverly showcase them in photos before submitting the image and the outfit for community review. Then, it’s all up to our community members to vote them up or down to select the daily challenge winners! Fashion savvy users who win multiple challenges proudly grab a spot on the leader board and receive prizes.

Daily Outfit Challenge (DOC) themes are chosen based on community suggestions and ideas from our own team members. The themes often coordinate with seasons and ongoing IMVU community events.

Our more popular DOC themes tend to have ties to real-life holidays and events. Summer vacations and urban fashion also garner a lot of interest. And the sheer diversity of our IMVU comunity means highly creative ensembles!

The Daily Outfit Challenge is a quick way to explore fashion and product trends among IMVU creators, and is a great source of inspiration for both our community and IMVU’s own creative teams. Coming up with new themes and reviewing the DOC participants’ creations are some of my favorite parts of my job. I love seeing how our community uses the IMVU technology and catalog to express themselves!


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