IMVU Presents Hack With Me – a Virtual Hackathon for Unity Developers

Today we have announced the first ever avatar-based social experience hackathon, which will take place from September 23 through October 16. The Hack With Me competition features a four-week virtual hackathon, hosted by IMVU and sponsored by Unity Technologies, The Lean Startup, Carnegie Mellon University – Entertainment Technology Center, Microsoft, Supersonic, and Amazon.

Using the new IMVU API for the Unity game engine, participants will develop fun and engaging social experiences featuring IMVU’s customizable 3D avatars, bringing them to life so that users can be more expressive and make meaningful connections. These avatars are created and customized by shopping from IMVU’s shop – the largest virtual catalog of user-generated assets in the world. Users purchase items to dress up their avatars using IMVU Credits and Creators of those items earn profits for such sales – in Credits or cash.

In an interview published in the Develop magazine, IMVU’s Stewart Bonn, SVP of Product, discussed the API and what it means for IMVU’s community and Unity developers.

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