IMVU or I.M.V.U…. that is the question!

We i.e. IMVU have been around for over 10 years… and pretty much all of those years, our customers have pronounced our name in a variety of ways with “imvu” (sounds like I envy you) and I.M.V.U. (all spelled out) being the most popular. Even in our offices, we have team members saying it both ways.

So what is the correct way to say IMVU? Brett, our CEO and Matt, our co-founder recently had that discussion right here in our lobby.

As you can see, we are going to have to wait for the discussion to continue before we can tell you what is the correct answer, however, one answer is never wrong – FUN! Yes you can just IMVU “fun” and you will always be right.

Next up: The mystery of what IMVU stands for – though we can bust the myth of it being “Instant Messaging Virtual Universe” right now!


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