IMVU in 2015

Happy New Year!


Before I go into 2015, I want to thank the entire  IMVU community for the conversations, new friendships and creations during 2014.  You are the reason IMVU thrives and your stories make our work incredibly rewarding.  Thank you.

With 2014 behind us, I want to share some of IMVU’s (very high level) plans for 2015:

  • We will make it easier to find new friends. We want you to find new and exciting people from around the world who share your interests and connect with them to form friendships and relationships that start in IMVU and may continue in real life.

  • We will make it easier to share content and connect with friends.  We have an amazingly creative community and will make significant improvements enabling people to share their creativity with friends, both in and out of IMVU.  Enhancements to Pulse, Photo Stream and messages will make it easy to showcase and share your creations everywhere.

  • IMVU will be available to you anytime, anywhere.  In 2014 we launched the first version of IMVU Mobile, allowing people to see their custom avatars, join chat rooms, dress up and shop in the catalog from iPhones and Android phones and tablets , as well as other devices via IMVU’s mobile website.  The upcoming versions will feature 3D Avatars and access to more features you love on the IMVU desktop Client.  We will also make the desktop  version of IMVU easier to access from any computer without needing to  download anything.

  • Creators will have opportunities to build new types of content.  We are introducing new types of items for Creators to build – items that will allow our community members to express their creativity in a variety of ways via avatar enhancements, visual add-ons to messages, and more..  The new items will allow Creators of all skill levels to express their creativity and sell the content.

  • We are making significant improvements to the Creator program.  IMVU will be dedicating additional resources to focus on Creators and building a stronger program.  Expect more outreach, Creator events and programs to help make Creators more successful.  We are also making changes to greatly reduce the opportunity for fraud and content theft – we want to make sure our creators get the credit (and the Credits) from their tremendous efforts.

I’m sure there will be plenty of questions and we will continue to share details as we progress through the year.  We’re all pretty excited to make some huge improvements for our customers and are moving as quickly as possible to make that happen.

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