IMVU Experienced Downtime and Interrupted Service

Most of our members experienced an interruption of their IMVU services Thursday, April 22nd night and part of Friday, April 23rd.

The good news is that our team has worked hard to restore all services to normalcy.  You can now use the IMVU 3D client as well as the website without interruptions.

What Happened?

On Thursday, April 22nd, our off-site data center suffered a major power outage at 7:35 PM (Pacific Time). The power was restored within two minutes; however, IMVU runs on a complex network of hundreds of servers.  Getting them all back online isn’t as simple as flipping the switch back on.  It took hours to bring all the machines to full power.  Most IMVU services were online within three hours, but not all our systems recovered fully.  Our team worked through the night to bring your service back to normal, but some IMVU members continued to experience degraded service for much of Friday, April 23.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience you experienced due to this power outage and the delayed recovery, and we appreciate your patience.

You should now be able to enjoy all of IMVU’s features, and we hope you continue to interact with your IMVU friends soon.

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