IMVU Creator Program Update

Many creators already have heard from me on the Forums, but I wanted to update the community on progress we are making on simplifying the experience of creating items for our service.

In the first six months on the job, my focus has been in three specific areas:

  • The Creator Help Documentation
  • The Creator File Organization

The roadmap for a new set of Creator tools and a simpler and more robust art pipeline.

The Creator Help Documentation:

I’m sure all Creators out there can tell you our help files were… imperfect. The organization and construction was confusing, and with the excessive page linking it was easy to get lost just trying to follow a single thread.

So, we went back to the drawing board – in some cases literally – and have now organized the documents around the type of Creator you are or want to learn to become. In the past, – it was challenging to be sure what you were supposed to read to express your creative ideas quickly..

Today we are launching the 1.0 version of the new Creator Central Knowledgebase!

You will note that the first thing the new site does is ask you what kind of Creator you are.


Once you choose…you are shown a list of tutorials that pertain to YOU.


Remember that this site is a work in progress. We’ve heavily edited the content; however, we continue to comb the tutorials for outdated graphics, incorrect descriptions and grammatical errors. We welcome your input and suggestions in the Creator Forums.

The Creator File Organization

As you may know, resource files were located under the tutorial that happened to mention them – which meant they were hard to find. Additionally, it was up to the Creator to install the necessary files in the proper sub-directories in order to have our 3DS Max exporters work correctly. Add to that the complexity of which version of 3DS Max you might be using and it was a daunting challenge that we’ve addressed. We sincerely hope this is a huge step towards making become a Creator – and developing new creation skills – much, much easier.

The IMVU Unified Installer eliminates much of the past complexity. It automatically detects and installs the 3DS Max exporters for the correct 3DS Max version in the correct locations. It also copies all the graphics files to your desktop so that you can then move them to your work folders for 3DS Max, Photoshop, or whatever tool you use.













The Roadmap Ahead

Lastly, we want to simplify the art pipeline and yet make it more robust for a wider array of tools. Doing this will require us to import FBX 3D formats to allow Creators to use virtually any 3D Application they wish to create Avatars, Rooms, Furniture, Clothing, etc.

But changing the import format alone will not simplify the art pipeline. We have a vision of a new Creator tool that enables Creators to assign nodes, etc, the way they do in 3DS Max.

I am working with the tools team here to finalize what this tool looks and works like.

In future blog posts I will keep you posted on our progress.

Thanks so much for being the fantastic Creators you are. You’ve done amazing work even with the current limitations and my goal is to give you the tools that will enable you to unleash your talents!


Todd (Segallion)

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