IMVU API Used by Winners of MIT’s Hacking Arts Hackathon

While IMVU’s virtual hackathon, is currently in progress, another hackathon just announced its winners.

This past weekend, IMVU provided our Unity-based API for the 3rd annual Hacking Arts Hackathon at MIT in Boston. The event focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation within the creative arts industries – from visual arts to film and video, from music to design, from gaming to virtual reality, fashion, and the performing arts. As described by the organization, “Hacking Arts is 24hr competition designed to push innovation in the arts and entertainment field.  It’s all about connecting creative and ambitious minds with the necessary tools to foster collaboration in the arts through technology.”

We’re very excited to announce that the winning team, Inside Art, utilized the IMVU API in their virtual reality art gallery experience. The team asked the question, why do museums make you stand away from the masterpieces? Using IMVU avatars, the team created virtual realities of famous works of art including American Gothic and the Birth of Venus.

Congratulations to the winners from all of us here at IMVU.

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