Impressive Milestones for IMVU Community

As the week and the month comes to a close, we wanted to celebrate two momentous milestones reached by our community members!

Product with million sales!

One of our long-standing, hard-working, and of course popular Creator – Scaler – has sold his Combination Scaler over a million times as of this week. This is impressive considering IMVU’s vast catalog – the largest in the world – of virtual products, all created by our users aka Creators. Our customers love this product and rightly so considering how they like to customize their avatars just right. The scaler product is reasonably priced and allows both female and male avatars to adjust the their shoulder width, arm thickness and hand size to create a look that has the exact proportions they want. Plus, this product is a perfect example of how IMVU content creators use their creative style not just to make awesome products but also to market them in an appealing way. Ability to choose what proportions you may want and trying them out before you buy them is loved by everyone.


Scaler3 Scaler Scaler4








Room with quarter million visits!

No one likes to party and meet people more than our IMVU users. They dress up their avatars and join the celebration that is always on in thousands of chat rooms – created and decorated by our users aka room hosts. IMVU users explore rooms and enjoy relaxing on a beach, taking a stroll through the streets of Paris, going on a jungle safari, dancing the night away at a night club, having a family picnic in the park, or just chilling inside a cozy cafe. They meet people, make new friends, and hang out with their old friends. There are 1000s of chat rooms on IMVU visited my millions of users. One such room is Blue Moon Pavilion Club hosted by one of our old-timers – 4U – also a creator of very popular particle effect products. Party goers enjoy dancing under the blue moon to the beat of the Tekno music playing in the room. As of this week, this party has had 250,000+ guests and the dancing continues…

4U1 4u2







We salute Scaler and 4U for their impressive achievements and wish them luck and success for many more sales and many more parties!

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