Being able to whisper to each other has been a frequent request from IMVU’s community members. Well, now you can! We have just launched the new Whisper chat feature exclusively for our VIP members. Now when you are in a chat room, you can have a private conversation with just a single person in that room (as long as at least one of you is a VIP).

So how does the Whisper feature work?

Whisper is a feature available exclusively for our VIPs. A VIP member can whisper to anyone and anyone can whisper to a VIP. Two non-VIP users however cannot use the feature to chat with each other.

To whisper with someone when in a chat room, simply hover over their avatar name in the text chat window. You will see a “Whisper” button appear next to their name. Click on the button and the next message you type will go to that person only. You can distinguish your whisper messages in the text chat window as they will appear italicized. Wanna stop whispering? Click the “x” next to the user’s name and you will resume your conversations with the entire room. Please note that you can only whisper to one person at a time. Close out one whisper dialog session before starting a new one with someone else.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead download the latest IMVU 3D client (v443) and check out this new feature. Don’t have VIP? No worries, simply click here to get your membership started. There are plenty more benefits available to our VIP members.



99 thoughts on “Hush…”Whisper”Chat is Here!

  1. Another shiny new thingie wow, try to fix what is broken first before adding more distractions and more mess to the site. Fix our accounts settings pages and badges first. What a waste of time always in here.

  2. I am on here to have fun and to meet new ppl. I really hope that I can meet ppl and chat with u. I hope that I am going to really enjoy this fun looking game.

  3. i think this new feature is just right be waitin for some thing like this alot of ppl dont kown how to saty out of it so this is a way for ppl not to kown what u are talking with someone close to you so good job imvu keep it up and cant wait to see what other new thing u will bring to imvu thank you

  4. What.
    A waste.
    Of time.

    If you want to talk to just ONE person in a PUBLIC chat, why the hell wouldn’t you just invite them into a PRIVATE chat? One of the most retarded ideas for VIP yet.

  5. I don’t like the whisper feature,it leaves opportunity for others to harass and stalk ppl.Even if you do not have vip someone with vip can whisper to you,If your in a public room and someone is abusing you,how do you protect yourself,others can’t see it so how can they be booted,I think it should be removed,you can chat anywhere on imvu in private,just another scam to make money and get ppl to buy vip

  6. I agree. That is a good suggestion, I mean we buy our avatar names…for what benefit? Its bollocks. lol. This is a great feature, but it should be for non VIP members aswell, These people obviously are just trying to scam people into spending more money than necessary… I mean come on lol.

  7. FInally, a feature that is worthy to buy VIP privilege.. Perhaps a few more innovative features like this and allow us to transfer credits wihtout limits and I will renew my VIP membership.

  8. FInally, a feature that is worthy to buy VIP privilege.. Perhaps a few more innovative features like this and allow us to transfer credits wihtout limit sand I will renew my VIP membership.

  9. great idea and very useful but personally not something I would limit to VIP, even if only one person needs VIP for it to work it is something that people who can not afford VIP will need as well.


  11. I say do away with all the games and whisper chat and bring back the voice chats in public rooms. And work on fixing things that are broken when you get things working then add new features that we will actually use,

  12. YAYYY!! Fiannly we dont have to go in private to another window to say something private… we can stay in the same room and whisper all we want and we can still keep an eye on the other members without missing nothing :) NICEEEE

  13. I have to agree that the settings and BADGES area is a “must fix.” Considering the amount of credits that go into making badges, we should be able to freely use them without having to worry that every new update will disable them – again – it is very frustrating. Why can’t that part of updates be fixed? Whisper is a nice feature, but I guess features only get added when IMVU deems it useful. Badges just aren’t a priority because IMVU is still making a profit so it isn’t a problem that needs to be addressed…. this is my interpretation. I may be wrong, I’m just saying how it appears.

  14. Whisper is awesome. I love how I can tell my friends something with out haveing to go into a privte chat that would lagg my computer. I think even when IMVU goes to update, that they should keep the whisper feature on there. It is very helpful and useful in chats when you want to have a private chat, but also stay in the same oen that you are in. Just makes useing IMVU easier for those of us who can use it. Thanks IMVU!

  15. why doesnt voice chat work no more wen the features are still there.and why doesnt whisper work wen u hover an avatar put new things in but dont try them out to see if they work and you never get bck to us why things dont work

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