Halloween WithMoji App featured on Refinery 29

From Refinery29: Things You Need to Do This Halloween with your iPhone

You’ve been catching up on your not-so-horrible horror flicks and planning this year’s epic (or last-minute) Halloween get-up, but you’re still looking for something more to get into the Halloween spirit. This year, there’s a ton you can do to start making things spooky, even if you’re just sitting at your office desk.

WithMoji’s Customizable GIFs

After customizing your personal avatar in the WithMoji app, you can give every message the perfect Halloween GIF or emoji. We recently updated with a bunch of new Halloween-themed options. And the coolest part: Many of the graphics and GIFs incorporate your avatar, so the images you share are 100% unique to you.

Warning: We are not responsible for any frightening feelings or sugar-induced comas that come of this.

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