Hack Nights & Hack Weeks = Happy IMVUers & Happy Customers

  • Food, drinks, music, and fun?
  • Bunch of engineers and non-engineers huddled together late into the night?
  • Everyone collaborating and working on something that they are passionate about – but not necessarily part of their ongoing planned project work?

Yes, yes and yes!

Must be another “mini” hack night at IMVU. There was one that took place just a few days ago as captured in these photos.

Hack nights, weekends and hack weeks are a routine and an integral part of IMVU’s work culture. They can involve several folks across multiple teams or a smaller group of individuals coming together to develop a specific idea. However, they are ALWAYS fun, productive and often result in customer-facing features such as Badge Canvases,  custom lists for closets, and Shop Together to name just a few.

Of course, “hack weeks and hack nights” have become a staple of the Silicon Valley start-up company culture. What makes the IMVU ones different is the participation from non-coders including executives, designers, marketers, customer service representatives and more.

Projects worked on during these self-organized hacking sessions can be strategic, technical, creative, or quite forward-thinking and visionary. They may end up in a customer-facing change the very next day, continued on as a regular project for a team,  or get filed under the “what happens in a hack night, stays in a hack night” category!

People at IMVU love these hack sessions as they give all of us an opportunity to work on ideas that we feel can benefit our customers – internal or external. It is also an opportunity for people who are not part of the same team to collaborate and work together. People enjoy taking a break from their longer-running projects to work on something different that they personally believe in.

Often though it is our customers that benefit the most – from bug fixes and removal of nagging hurdles in the path of full enjoyment of IMVU, to features and changes that are requested by them.

Let the hacking (the good kind) continue!


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