Goodbye, Friends Window! … Hello, New Avatar Menu!

Update – 9/29: Please see the latest blog post for details on several features released today based on the feedback you have shared with us. Click here for more information.

Update – 9/24: I wanted to assure all of you that we are reading all of the feedback and suggestions being posting here and on the forums on this topic. We understand that many of you aren’t happy with this decision, but we are also seeing that many users are happy with the change. We are working towards addressing many of the concerns being raised in an attempt to make more of you happy; in the meantime, you can opt to use an older version (see instructions below). Please also note that I have been adding some of the recurring questions to the list of bolded FAQs within the post below.  Thank you for your continued feedback!


We removed the Friends Window with Release 421.  Why? With the recent addition of Friends Mode in the new 3D Chat, we are simplifying and enhancing your overall experience by eliminating the need for two separate windows on your desktop.

All functionality previously available from the Friends Window has been integrated into the main menu on your home screen. From Friends Mode, you can access all your Friends, see if they are online, and add/remove Friends. From a new Settings Mode (introduced in this release), you can access all the general and advanced settings previously accessible from the Friends Window.

How do I log out or exit 3D Chat now that the Friends Window is gone?
1.  Right mouse click on the IMVU icon in the Windows system tray.
2.  Choose the ‘Sign out’ or ‘Exit’ option.

Can I still use both the main 3D Chat Window and a Friends Window? 
Yes. However, you will need to go back to an older version of 3D Chat which still has them by copying and pasting the link below.  Just replace xxx.x with the version number you would like to use.

 For example, if you want to revert to version 420.0, the URL would be:

After you install the version of 3D Chat you prefer, you will need to decline to upgrade when prompted during the login process. 

Please remember that at some point we will ask *all* users to upgrade to the latest version of the new 3D Chat experience, regardless of your preference.  

How do I save my outfit?
You can save your outfits from any window where you can type text (My Room, Dress Up, Chat, etc.), type the following text exactly: *saveOutfit

The command should include the asterisk (*) at the beginning. Press enter after typing the text. Follow the on-screen instructions to take a snapshot of your outfit. You can also access your outfits from the new Settings Mode.

We’ve also just added a ‘save outfit’ button into the clothing tab available in prerelease 421.8. See screenshot below:

There is also a project underway focused on enhancements to the way outfits are managed that we’ll share in the coming months.

How do I set my  ‘default’ room?
     1.  Click on the ‘My Room’ button.
     2.  Click on the ‘Scenes’ button. 
     3.  Hover over the room that you want to make as your default room.
     4.  Select the info icon.
     5.  Click on ‘Select as Default’.

New Avatar Menu
Another great new feature to call out in this release is the “Avatar Menu.” The new Avatar Menu allows you to see all of the actions and triggers associated with the outfit you’re currently wearing in a chat.  They will be displayed when you right click on your avatar (see screenshot below).


Download the latest release here.

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