FurAffinity.net joins the IMVU family

Online furry and anthropormophic art gallery meets 3d artistic furry avatars…if they have not met already!

Earlier this year IMVU made FurAffinity.net community a part of its family.┬áBoth IMVU and FA community members love to socialize and connect anonymously with people from around the world with diverse backgrounds. Both communities express their artistic and creative skills in a variety of ways – via their anthromorphic and furry art, photographs, outfits, and scenes and more. So now these similar and often already connected communities are together officially.FA is a community centered around sketching and animations, in which artists are afforded the opportunity to anonymously share their own individual creative talents. IMVU also offers a platform where creative individuals convert their artistic skills into products for the world’s largest virtual catalog.

Of course nothing changes for either communities. IMVU experience continues to include and showcase the furries who make an integral and significant part of its community. FA community continues to thrive – now with better resources to make their experience better under the guidance of its leader – Dragoneer.


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