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Update- 7-9-09: Please read the latest update on this topic here.

We recently implemented a new rule that new Product page submissions cannot include dynamic content.

Last week, after identifying some malicious scripts embedded within Product pages, we swiftly disabled the use of JavaScript within Product pages. Because IMVU did not previously certify, review, or authorize dynamic content added to Product pages, we had no insight into code that could potentially cause unintended issues like broken pages, viruses, or unexpected results for you and the users viewing your Product pages. We did not intend to disrupt or upset our Creators.  Rather, we did this to ensure the safety of our users, which is our main priority.

We are allowing Creators who have achieved Pro Creator status the ability to edit existing or submit new Product pages that may include dynamic content.  We did this because we believe Creators Tier 5 and above are far too invested to include malicious scripts in their pages.

However, when we implement a longer term solution to further secure these pages, all Creators, regardless of Tier level, will be treated equally.  Everyone will be required to restrict all code to the product description area of the Product page (see screenshots below), and Creators will be free to use JavaScript on their Product pages, confined within the specified area.

In order to reduce confusion, we will soon update the message Creators see when submissions are rejected to include a link to examples of what is allowed or not.

Thank you again for your patience as we continue to work towards improving the site.

Sr. Community Manager


Current Product Details Page:

Example of product description area all code will be restricted to (design subject to change and only intended to serve as an example):


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