Don’t forget your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day!

With Valentine’s Day fast-approaching, we wanted to remind you about IMVU’s delayed gifting feature. You can send your sweetheart a gift and they’ll receive a message that you sent them the gift, but they can’t open it until Valentine’s Day.

The gift recipient can see all the gifts waiting for them, and when they are available, on the Gifts Page on the website.  Gift recipients will also receive a reminder message on Valentine’s Day letting them know that a gift is ready to be opened

You choose when your gift can be opened!
To choose the special day when you want your friend to open your gift, send a gift from the website (i.e. avatar home page, an avatar profile card, your list of friends, the 3D catalog, or the music store).  Click the “on a special day” button, choose from the list of holidays/events, and then send! –It’s that simple (see the screenshot below).

Two Ways to Send Gifts in Advance

From an Item in the Website Catalog or Music Store

You can send gifts to those on your Friends list by visiting the 3D Catalog on the website or the Music Store.

In the 3D Catalog, click the “Gift” button.  In the Music Store, click “Buy IMVU” (for IMVU tracks or albums you don’t own) or “Buy Gift” (for IMVU tracks or albums you do own).  Then, click to select your friend, the delivery date, and send the gift.

From an Avatar Homepage or Profile Card on the Website

To send a gift to a particular person, use “send message” from their Homepage or Profile card.  In order to send a gift, there must be items on your (or your Friend’s) wishlist or giftlist.  Adding items is a breeze; simply visit the Virtual Goods Catalog or the Music Store.  Your wishlist includes items which you do not own, but would like to.  Your giftlist includes items you own, as well as items you don’t own.

– To add an item to your own wishlist: Find the 3D product, sticker, or music store track you wish to add, and then click the star.  You can also add 3D products and stickers to your wishlist while you are participating in Peer Review.

–  To add an item to your giftlist:  Find the 3D product or sticker you wish to give to a Friend.  Click on it to get to the Product Details page.  Click “add to giftlist.”  For IMVU music, all music store IMVU tracks on your music wishlist are available for gifting.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Having trouble finding the right gift for your sweetie? Check out these Valentine’s gift suggestions for some inspiration!

Happy Valentine’s Day, and Happy Gifting!

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