We’re very excited to introduce daopay, a new way to buy IMVU Credits in multiple countries without using a credit card. We know from your messages to CaryJay that more payment options in more countries is crucial, and the introduction of daopay on IMVU is one step towards fulfilling that need.

daopay is a new payment method that enables you to charge payments to your home phone bill. This new method will appear at check out for users who reside in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy (some restrictions apply), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and the USA.

It’s super easy to use. Simply click on the daopay button. You’ll see the daopay Payment Screen, and you will be asked to call a number and accept the payment. Daopay will confirm the payment, and the order will be complete when you see the “paid” message. You will be told in advance how long you will need to stay on the line (it’s normally several minutes).

One of the things we like best about daopay is that you don’t need to set up a separate daopay account or remember a password. And the Credits are delivered into your account instantly!  What could be better than that?


48 thoughts on “DAOPAY: Buy Credits with your home phone in 31 countries!

  1. Okay I live in the caribbean and I can’t buy credits cuz i don’t use credit cards and i don’t trust dem I think u people of imvu show try and fix this credit thing cuz its hard to get credit. I want to buy one of them prepaid card but they don’t sell any in the Caribbean. My Idea is to set of a imvu market for the caribbean to sell imvu prepaid cards..plz respond to me

  2. it is a good idea but idd in the carebean we can,t get any credits….and splease can u fix that we can buy credits from aruba too?
    tnx tamara

  3. Hello,

    There are several options users in the Caribbean can consider:

    Google Checkout
    Credit Card
    Paybycash (Money Bookers, Western Union)

    All of these payment options should be available to you in the payment flow.

    I hope this helps!

    Sr. Community Manager

  4. In the caribbean not a lot of people have credit cards. The ones that do, have big jobs and can afford to pay back to bank, i dont. It is had for the rest of us, there are things u want and cant afford. Tried to join the creators program, guess what u have to buy your name. With pay pal u still need a credit card so that is not an option.

  5. When i click this: daopay is a new payment method Then there are only options for Mobile ohones but I’m looking for the homephones -.-”
    I’m from The Netherlands BTW.

  6. I want to buy credits with my mobile but i can’t because sony ericsson isn’t in the list i was wondering if you could add it cause this is the only way i can get round to getting them…Thank You

  7. @eddie,

    Thanks for your comment, can you give me the specifics of where you are trying to purchase from and what step isn’t working for you so we can look into this?

    Thanks again,

  8. I notice that many countries not on the list .. I mean we can take credit by SMS .. why? and how you do that? … should be fine .. that just all you have to win! seriously ( Romania)

  9. Yeahh…I try and get credits with my phone too…it takes me to the page. And I can select my country…and in the second box it has the “buy now” and I click it…but nothing ever appears in the third box (I mean…i can deal without creds…just trying to help out a bit :P )

  10. ok guys , im writing this in hopes that creators will read this and add Qatar to the countries for the credit service by phone , cause i already wanna buy em XD

  11. My friends and I have no more ways to buy imvu credits…unles you dont add our country(Latvia) to your Daopay list. If not, we`re afraid we shall quit. :( I am writing this with tears in my eyes, because i really love IMVU and i don`t want to quit, but there is no fun in here if you can`t even buy a little surprise for your closest friend. >.<

  12. why would you change it from mobiles to home phones – my parents wouldnt allow me to buy via home phone, i now cant buy any credits which realllllly sucks

  13. V SOS I have a huge méga problém:when I send a sms for to have a code has 6 figures / letters, I receive him(it) then I bring in my number of motive(mobile) for receive a code has 4 figures to be able to validate him(it) on imvu and to enter my code to obtain my credits but since a few days, I do not receive any more this code has 4 figures and I cannot validate and thus enter my code to have my credits, somebody has this probléme or know why I cannot receive this code has to validate; help I svp; I know more when to make!!! I am discouraged, you étes my last one to recour, if wanted you to answer me, thanks to all those who(which) shall give me piece of advice. KISS AND HUGSotre message

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