Creator Spotlight: LadyWallace

As a new community project, IMVU would like to start featuring stories about our awesome Creator community. This is the first in what will hopefully be a long series. To kick things off we’d like to highlight LadyWallace.

LWpic LadyWallace
joined IMVU over a year ago and has been an avid user and Creator community member since her start.  In addition
to bringing her own array of virtual products to the IMVU catalog she also is an original music artist.

Prior to the launch of IMVU’s Music Store, LadyWallace has shared her soothing songs through her products and other channels. With the launch of the Music Store and IMVU’s partnership with TuneCore, LadyWallace has been able to branch out her creative efforts to take on our music catalog in addition to product catalog.

LadyWallace has re-launched her music back into IMVU via the music store and with her first song, LadyWallace Sings, in the Jazz category. This same song is currently listed as the #2 selling song at IMVU.

And as if that’s not enough LadyWallace has put together an amazing music video on YouTube with the help of some other great IMVU creators. Click here to see the video. (Goes to a non-IMVU site, and opens in a separate window)

So IMVU congratulates LadyWallace on not just being a product creator and a fan of IMVU, but also a music Creator !

We hope you enjoyed this first highlight and look forward to shining the spotlight on more Creators at IMVU in the near future.

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