Confederate Flag – Not Okay on IMVU

What happened last week in a church in Charleston, SC shocked everyone not just in that community but also across the nation – including us here at IMVU. The tragic event prompted a renewed outcry against display of symbols like the Confederate flag which represent darker periods in US history. The South Carolina legislature is already considering removal of the flag from state government buildings, and if they do so, such removal will signal a move forward for all involved.

Meanwhile, many etailers and retailers like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, Target, have taken a stance against the confederate flag and what it symbolizes for many – the list is growing. IMVU is joining them today. It is the right thing to do and we are confident our community will support this move.

We at IMVU have always supported creativity and self-expression of our community members. The “be who you want to be” principle inspires the sheer variety of content seen in our virtual catalog, chat rooms, and user profiles. Creating a positive social experience for ALL customers is also critical to our mission. Balancing the two can be challenging but we want to ensure our experience is fun and safe for all our members, irrespective of their race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and skin color. Our policies take a firm stance against hate products and we believe products that feature confederate flag images fall squarely under that category. As such, effective immediately, we are taking steps to remove all such products from our shop for future sales. Having user-generated content means the effort will not initially be 100% accurate and we will invite our community members to help with the effort by reporting such content to us going forward. Products featuring confederate flag imagery will no longer be accepted into or sold from our catalog.

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