Community Spotlight – The July Edition

Did you know July is celebrated as the National Picnic Month?  We found that to be the perfect excuse to host a photo contest. Of course, no matter which part of the world you live in, sunny skies, sandy beaches and warm oceans are always within your reach in IMVU!

We invited our community members to skillfully decorate the perfect picnic setting in their 3D chat room, host a picnic for  their friends and family and then share the fun via photos with everyone.  The contest entries were amazing as usual and showcased the variety of our virtual catalog as well as everyone’s artistic talents.  One could build a sandcastle, enjoy a luau, relax among the meadows by a lake, or sip a tropical drink at a beachfront juice bar!

Of course, July is also the time for Comic-Con International  held annually in San Diego, CA!  The event is extremely popular with our fantasy-loving crowd at IMVU. To celebrate the occasion, we invited our Creators to create their vision of an outfit for an IMVU superhero or superheroine with a product contest. We had many stylish entries that will guarantee any super being to get an upper hand even without using their super powers! Now the Moon Warrior, Meta Verse girl, Telekendra, IMVU Man and PVC Superhero are all busy protecting the IMVUniverse from the evil powers….

August is upon us already and everyone is busy with Friendship Week and back to school activities. We will continue our celebrations with the community throughout the month.

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