You asked. We listened. IMVU is proud to announce our next-generation 3D Chat: IMVU 2.0. It’s bigger—enjoy full-screen, high-quality 3D chat. It’s better—shop, dress up, and find people in the easy new layout. And it’s faster—do it all from inside 3D Chat.

Some of the newly added features and enhancements (many based on your suggestions) include the following:

  • Shop In Style
    Shop right from 3D Chat. No more going to the website to buy your next outfit!
  • Dress with Success
    Change your outfit seamlessly. See it right on your 3D Chat Home Screen!
  • Find New Friends Fast
    People Search now lives right in 3D Chat. Use the filters to narrow your search of IMVU’s 35 million avatars.
  • Choose Your New Experience
    Click on Chat Rooms for an easy-to-search list of 3D Public Rooms.
  • Find It All Faster
    The new Home Screen makes it easier to move back and forth between “modes” like Chat, Dress Up, and Shopping.

And that’s just the start. We’ve got a lot more surprises in store for you that we think will bring a smile to your face!

We know you are going to have a ton of questions, and we promise to answer them all. But please hold on to them for now. Many questions will be answered once you’ve had the chance to play with the new 3D Chat…which will be very, very soon!

When we unveil the new 3D Chat on June 30th, the latest release will have both a version of the new 3D Chat as well as the current version. So you’ll be able to choose which you want to use. If you find that you experience any difficulty with the new release, you’ll have the ability to go back to an older release if you choose to do so.

Once we launch, we’ll continue adding new features and functionality. During this time, we’ll gather your feedback so we can continue to fine tune IMVU 2.0.Only when we are absolutely ready will we ask all users to upgrade to the latest version of the new and improved 3D Chat experience.

 We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted. Please stay tuned for more details…

Thank you,
Director of Product


781 thoughts on “Coming June 30th: IMVU 2.0

  1. Looks loverly. It’s 12:32 am, June 30th here, so I’m impatiently waiting for ze big bad download button. I’m not really tired, and this looks like a huge improvement, though as D3r3k62208 said, I think there should be games to earn credits.

  2. It’s almost time everyone…

    The timing is based on California time and it’s 11:05 PM in California where we are based.

    Thanks for your patience!


  3. when will we see an Imvu with a first person mode so we can actually run through scenes in a more realistic mode than bouncing from node to node?

  4. I tryed it out. It is no good. You are restricted in many ways. You cant even add anything to your wish list. I like imvu just how it is. Not with some page stuck open everytime u want to go shopping or search pages or look in your inventory. I hope you make it non compulsary. If not I will be asking for a full refund on the hundreds of dollars I have spent on this.

  5. How much RAM does it take up? Is it more than version 413.0? If it is, I’ll have to stay Downgraded to 412.0 & I won’t be able to see the awesome new features =[ -Tear-

  6. Its 1:28 am in Wisconsin much later than California time so Im gonna check it out if its already updated since not to long ago I got the update download but looked the same xF

  7. Sigh, the very first thing I noticed and a very big hassle… We can’t do a search of public rooms even if there is a search engine available. You can’t do a search by avatar name when looking for your buddies in public rooms. the only thing I can pull up is my own rooms when I do a search on my name. This is a mess, we can’t find the rooms we want even when we do a search on the name of the room… None of my ModIcons work. I have my own sound clips and they don’t even work.

  8. DDD:! Ican’t try triggers for poses, music, etc. How am I supposed tew know if the music plays well? Or how gewd tha poses look?

    :/ It’d benice if that wasfixed.

  9. The IMVU 2.0 is very smooth actually, but the issue I’m having is that it’s lagging my computer. IMVU when in it’s normal size for my computer back then before the June 30th update, was less laggy but when upgrading to 2.0 it became laggy even with the smallest screen. Besides this, I’m impressed.

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