We are super excited to announce a new feature for all of our members! You will now see a new tab called Pulse on your IMVU account dashboard when you log into the website. Pulse allows users to start conversations, provide insights, post status updates, and make new friends. Pulse is now the default tab on the dashboard right next to your Inbox. We hope you find this new way of staying connected with your IMVU friends exciting and engaging!

With Pulse you can:

  • Share what’s on your mind with your IMVU friends by posting a status update or a “pulse.”
  • Read and comment on status messages posted by your friends and friends of friends.
  • Reach out and connect with other IMVU members by inviting them to be your friends.

So how does Pulse work?

Initially, you can only see updates posted by users who are your friends on IMVU. Your Pulse wall and status updates are only visible to your IMVU friends. You can comment on messages from your friends as well as comments left on their walls by their friends.

When someone comments on your Pulse update or if someone comments on a Pulse you’ve also commented on, you’ll get an email notification. You can choose to opt out of these notifications by changing your email preferences under the Account settings. Simply uncheck the “We will send you email when a Pulse thread is updated” option.

Safety option is also available within this feature, and it will allow users to report content that does not meet IMVU’s Terms of Services.

Enjoy connecting with your friends!


Sr. Community Manager


85 thoughts on “Check Your “Pulse” and Share with your IMVU Friends….

  1. Sorry, but seriously. Did we ASK for this? First that bullshit with the credit transfer, then that ridiculous Top MOdelz game…And now a motherfucking PULSE?!


    IMVU. I bequeath thee a boot to the head. Listen to your damn customers!

  2. This is really good..Improving everytime hope also to have the previewer updated so i can dev again but besides that its really amazing to have this althought some dont like because of some people that spam on their pulses..but its very good

  3. Are you serious..Check out the thread in the forums..I have never seen an out cry or a thread grow like this..and 99.9% is to get rid of pulse….5% is an opt out is needed…another part is to be able not to make it the first tab…I have deleted two alt accounts and took people off my buddy list because of this game..I know only have two..and I am seriously considering…not developing any more…Stop with the stuff and fix what is broken..STop trying to be like facebook and yearbook…if we wanted that crap we can go there…stop throwing stuff at us..really…Stop ASSuming everyone wants in on all the latest features…you know those of us who have been here the longest who have supported this site,,t though all kind of crap did not sign up to be on facebok or yearbook applications here on imvu…this is not what we invested in…..we want better communication but apparently you are not listening…Stop trying to be like everyone else if I want that I would reactivate my yearbook my facebook and twitter accounts if I could remember the pass words to them….For the love of what is left here that is good STOP IT WITH THE CRAP ALREADY!!

  4. Pulse is the worst idea in a long line of recent bad ideas from IMVU. Either give us the option to disable or hide this annoying intrusion, or remove the thing entirely. What a waste of space.

  5. Since alot of people are saying this new IMVU feature looks like Facebook you might wanna add a like button and a remove comment button.. It would be nice.. If thats okay with IMVU team.

  6. I’m sorry but it is nothing more than a giant Facebook rip off. Its only going to slow down the website and take it longer to get to things. This isn’t a social networking site, its a 3D chat. So stop stealing from other sites and come up with something on your own

  7. What about our privacy? Pulse is visible to practically everybody, not only to our buddies but also to the buddies of their buddies :(
    I find this feature very creepy, it makes me feel exposed. :( Thumbs down from me for allowing the whole world to access my page.

  8. I agree, this is NOT facebook. It’s annoying and I want it removed.. when i log into imvu now i have to click on inbox tab every single time and i don’t wanna see other people’s comments, I opted out of it, but it still shows this pulse on my page. How about spending more of your time and efforts on better customer service that you guys lack. Every time me or my friends write you with a complaint, we get automated answers, and sometimes have to write several times and repeat the same information we already gave you. How about coming up with cheaper bundles, or something more with playing the games with your friends instead of strangers. I don’t like pulse and want it removed please

  9. This is a horrible idea… its just stealing someones idea and putting it on a unique site to destroy the uniqueness so you can be like everyone else and vanish into the background. The staff never even listen to the dozens of pages of complaints on all this. I doubt this company will last long if you keep putting in crap like this.

  10. Aye, I agree. Its a good idea, but how to you keep other people you don’t want watching from seeing your Pulse? It’s quite literally connecting everyone not just you and your friends, but your friends’ friends too.

  11. This is a terrible idea!! It’s practically plagiasm! You’ve blatantly STOLEN an idea off of another site and added it to your site to distract us from your problems.

  12. I wish there could have been an option to if we wanted this for ourselves or not cause I want to be friends with my friends, but some of them post the most stupid updates and get the most stupid comments. I get tired of seeing them. At least get some kind of disable option for those who don’t want it. :l

  13. If your going to ATTEMPT to be like Facebook with the status updateing, Atleast make the damn pulse go in order by whenever the time they updated a status.


  15. …Like I don’t have enough to read at work. I come to IMVU so I can relax not to do more reading. I I want to know what my friends are up to I can just join them in a room and ask. isn’t that what IMVU was supposed to be. a place to chat in 3d. I hate Face book with a passion and twitter gets on my nerves so why the HE**! WOULD i WANT THAT cra*! ON imvu???!

  16. IMVU Pulse,doesn’t let me comment on my own it says I have been blocked by poster. And also, it doesn’t let me comment on anyone else’s post. So practically all I can do is just share an update on not comment on anything/anyone’s.

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