Check out IMVU’s Holiday Musical Card!

Celebrate the holidays with your friends and family. IMVU makes it easy for you to spread the cheer! Dazzle the people in your life with our fun singing holiday card that you can personalize and send for free!  Simply go to and send your custom cards today. You can send them to all your Facebook friends to let them know you are thinking of them during the holidays – in IMVU style.

Simply choose a friend from your Facebook list, select the song that you like and create a unique card that will make all your friends feel special. No two cards are the same!  Your friends name and Facebook profile pictures will be used to personalize the card. Plus, over 600 popular names are included and will be part of the song lyrics!

Want to see for yourself how this works? Check out the holiday card that we created for CaryJay (IMVU’s CEO):

We hope you enjoy creating and sharing these holiday cards and your friends enjoy being the stars of the show!

For IMVU users who create these cards, there is a special reward. We will give you 300 promotional credits for every card created – as long as you do so while logged into your IMVU account. And, if your friends join IMVU to experience the fun, they will get a special gift when they sign up –“ Fros-T” the Snowman!

Happy Holidays!

The IMVU Team

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