Brett Durrett (IMVU CEO) Participates in a Digital Hollywood Panel

Digital Hollywood, taking place twice per year for the last two decades, is among the leading trade conferences in its field that draws over 15,000 top executives in the film, television, music, cable, and social media industries.  Recently, IMVU CEO Brett Durrett was invited to speak as a thought leader on the future of social virtual reality, participating in a panel entitled: “Mobile Social AR and VR: Social Media Meets Augmented and Virtual Reality”.

A few key points to consider when viewing this panel and an excerpt from Will Mason’s Upload VR article on How Virtual Reality is Going to Humanize Social Media :

“How does one make a VR experience social and why social media in VR has to be different? Social media in its current state has resulted in fractured and less personal social interactions. We may be connecting with more people that we had in the past, but those connections are nowhere near as deep and personal as they have been for generations in the past.

Why? It’s simple: social media doesn’t take into consideration non-verbal cues that come from body language. According to one famous statistic in the communication field, 93% of all communication is non-verbal.Those nonverbal cues combined with inflection are key in understanding not just the messages the speaker is delivering, but the person behind them as well. “

As Brett discusses the importance of avatars, our VR online persona, it’s to be noted that the key features of their design, how they move, function, and interact, is what IMVU has focused on for the last decade to make online communication more meaningful.

The panel, moderated by David Bloom, formerly of USC Marshall School of Business and VP of Corporate Communications at MGM, included experts on communication strategies, media relations, and social media to define how to make virtual reality experiences social:

  • Brett Durrett, CEO, IMVU
  • Mark Schoennagel, 3D Evangelist, Unity
  • Matt Johnson, EVP of Innovation, Bottle Rocket and GM of Thruster
  • Michael Zyda, Founding Director of the USC GamePipe Laboratory
  • Tom Impallomeni, CEO of Virtually Live
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