Animation Workshop at IMVU

Hi Creators!

Considering how well avatar poses and items containing avatar poses sell, coupled with the fact that several of you have expressed a desire to learn more about how to make your own poses, we’re looking into hosting a live, online animation workshop.

As we plan for this workshop, it’d be helpful to gauge how many of you would want to participate in a live, online workshop? Keep in mind that after the event, we plan to pull a series of short videos together highlighting the information we cover, which will be made available in the Creator Education Center.

It’d also be interesting to know if anyone that is local to the San Francisco Bay Area would want to attend the workshop in person at our offices in Palo Alto.

Once we get a sense for who would want to participate in a live, online event, we’ll post more details.

Feel free to join the discussion on our community forums by going here!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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