3D Stickers – New Opportunities for Customers and Creators

unnamed-1Yesterday IMVU announced the launch of 3D Stickers, a new way to use your customized avatar to create more expressive conversations.  3D Stickers represent the second new type of Creator content I announced in my January blog post.  The initial launch of 3D Stickers is meant to show the basic functionality and I want to explain our vision for how these 3D Stickers will be a benefit all of our customers and a create new opportunity for IMVU Creators.

3D Stickers are a way to use your avatar, clothing, and accessories items to express yourself with animated images that convey more emotion than just text, or even an emoji.  Ultimately we would like to see 3D Stickers  appear in IMVU everywhere that we currently see just text. Importantly, 3D Stickers use standard image formats, so another benefit is the ability to share these animated images with your friends outside of IMVU. Comparison

Today we are testing 3D Stickers in our IMVU Mobile and IMVU Next messaging.  We would like to support 3D Stickers in the client as well, but this functionality was deferred largely because the client uses an antiquated system for delivering private messages.  We’re continuing to look for the best solution to access 3D Stickers and use the newer (and more reliable) private messaging system.

unnamed-2We initially released a set of twenty 3D Stickers created by our team to test and understand what internal tools are needed to build this content. However, like the 30 million items in our catalog, we know the best content will come from our Creator community.  That’s why we are working on a version of the tools for our Creators to build 3D Stickers to delight all of our customers, and so that customers will have new and interesting stickers to explore and share every day.

Since many 3D Stickers focus on the face, we also created enhanced avatar products (IMVU+) that include many more morph targets and dynamic eye shading, enabling better expressions.  While all avatars work with 3D Stickers, you will see better results by using (or deriving from) IMVU+ products. These are available FREE to you for a limited time. Simply visit the IMVU+ Shop  to get some or all of heads, skins, and eyes you want! Our new heads also have the added benefit of spotlighting all of the amazing facial animations that creators have been embedding into room nodes for years.

unnamedThe stickers we’ve released so far include a single avatar but our plan is to add cooperative 3D Stickers, so that you can high-five, hug, kiss, thumb wrestle or anything else that might be fun to share with friends.

We’re very proud of this new feature, but we’re especially excited to see how you use it and the amazing things our creators will dream up.

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